Your Denim in New Avatar with Levi’s Introducing New Laser Technology

Beyond the star-studded ramps and glitterati, comes Denim, at least the fashion gurus say so. No matter how many decades pass, denim might never pass away, well the designers say so. There is no other iconic name than Levi’s when you think of denim. It is because the brand definitely knows a trick or two to stay ahead of the curve.

The US fashion giant recently unveiled its new technique with which it gives an ultimate finish to its denim clothing range. The digital technology that Levi’s uses is made of lasers. Thereby, Levi’s aptly avoids using any cataclysmic chemicals which may affect your skin adversely.

Future LED Execution or FLX seems to have helped Levi’s reduce the production time considerably. The 24-step process can now be reduced to a 3-step process using lasers. In this short but significant process, Levi’s, at its San Francisco lab, captures the pictures of the denim jeans or jackets and allegorizes them using laser marks in order to categorize the jean or jacket as a mock-up. Applying this new digitized trick, Levi’s has reduced production time from 10 minutes to 90 seconds.

“Our first step in the new process is to photograph the jeans, and then we take that and illustrate it in a way that the laser can interpret,” says Bart Sights, Levi’s VP in technical innovation.

However, if you look at the technological advancements, laser washing is not something that Levi’s has innovated. Notwithstanding the fact, Levi’s certainly is one of the pioneers in using this technique practically in the fashion world.

3D printing? Is it? Although it is a bit different, looks like it is. Designers, first of all, prepare a 3D prototype of the jeans and then place measurements through the lasers to attain a final finish.

Moreover, Levi’s jeans now cannot go unnoticed as they have environmental incentives to offer to their owners. Besides, reduced production time cuts not only the cost but consumption of energy as well.