The Death of the iPod – Apple Stops Producing iPod Models

Apple has had a busy year so far, and it’s only bound to get busier what with the launch of the iPhone 8 and the brand new iOS 11 soon rolling out to all the devices that support it. Because the company has done so much and so much news about its activity surfaced over the course of just a few months, it could be easy to miss other developments. But even though many of you probably missed what just happened, we’re here to reiterate that statement. Are you ready? The iPod is officially dead.

Apple Discontinues Most Models of iPod

When the first iPod ever was released by Apple more than a decade ago, the world went crazy over it instantly. The small and handy gadget gave us all a revolutionary approach to listening to music, and everyone loved the iPod and the world of possibilities that it undeniably opened for them. Needless to say, the first every iPod was discontinued a long time ago, but three variants of this device still held up on today’s market: the iPod Nano, the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch.

Unfortunately, we have some pretty sad news for all you iPod enthusiasts out there, or for everyone that is simply nostalgic about old technology: Apple is discontinuing the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle as we speak, leaving only the iPod Touch on the market to represent this particular product niche of theirs. However, if these events are suggesting something, it surely is that Apple plans to cut out iPods completely, so expect for the Touch to also be discontinued soon.

So, the iPod is officially dead, and millions of music lovers out there are saddened by this very unfortunate turn of events. But Apple needs to focus on bigger things now, so their actions are understandable.

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