Save 80% on BOLUOYI Cell Phone Cooler Game Controller for $20.00

Was $99.99, Now $20.00. BOLUOYI Cell Phone Cooler Game Controller, Game Pad Semiconductor Cooler Combo Silent Fan Faster Cooling (A)

  • ❄Semiconductor freezing refrigeration, freezing temperature is faster and more effective, using ice porcelain cooling technology, cooling more quickly.
  • ❄The mobile phone clip can be expanded and contracted arbitrarily, and the maximum size is 7 inches.
  • ❄It is easy to use and can also be used as a stand to watch videos on the desktop.
  • ❄Continue to cool down and keep the phone temperature below 20 ℃.
  • ❄Strong applicability, suitable for use in a variety of scenarios, cooling for a long time, and not afraid of the phone getting hot during live broadcast


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