Deals on Wired Soundbars for Better Audio Delivery

When you wish to add some extra support for audio delivery from your desktop or laptop, you can turn to external speakers. New generation speakers have now replaced the conventional speakers. These speakers can reproduce sounds with better clarity. Featured here are three such speakers for your listening pleasure. All of them are being currently offered with attractive discounts.

ELEGIANT Wired Computer Sound Bar

This is an SR200 PC speaker, with an aluminum alloy body to protect it from wear and tear and comes with LED lights. There are 2x3W speakers. The dimensions are 16.5×2.4×2.4inches and its weight is 1.4 pounds. It’s a simple plug and play speaker. You can connect this soundbar to any device, as long as it has a 3.5mm jack. The power on/off switch is at the rear. It is capable of delivering clear stereo sound whether you are playing music or listening to a YouTube video or playing any other audio.

This ELEGIANT Wired Computer Sound Bar is available at just $23.99 down $6 from its original price of $29.99.

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ELEGIANT USB Powered Wired Soundbar Speakers

This sound bar has dimensions of 2.4×15.7×2.2 inches. There are 2 speakers of 3W each with a stylish design to make them appealing to any observer. It’s the usual plug & play device that works through a 3.5mm jack. Any device with a 3.5mm jack output can be linked to this Elegant USB powered wired soundbar. Practically every device can be connected to the soundbar, like laptops, PCs, and smartphones running on the Android or iOS operating system.

This ELEGIANT USB Powered Wired Soundbar is now being sold at $25.49 down 23% from the $32.99 it was sold earlier.

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Sanyun SW008 Intelligent Sound Bar

This Sanyun soundbar has 2 powerful 6W speakers with subwoofers that enhance its stereo effect. It has an ERP system that operates automatically, by identifying the audio output and switching on by itself. You can see the LED lights glowing, indicating that the soundbar is powered on. If no sound is generated from the connected device for over 10 minutes, then it shuts down. What’s more, you can connect more than one device to this soundbar. The Sanyun SW008 Soundbar could be the answer to all your secondary audio necessities.

This Sanyun SW008 Intelligent Sound Bar can be yours for just $59.99 and it used to be $73.78.

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