Data Protection for 2018 iPhones and Steam Link

This week we had a lot of information coming out concerning Apple and its latest plans for their 2018 and 2019 lines of iPhones. However, today we would like to talk about some findings that developers uncovered when accessing the IOS 12 preview. If you want to hear more about the latest security improvements coming for Apple, then make sure to keep reading this article since we will be discussing all the most recent things iPhone related.

IOS 12 keeps your data safe

It looks like Apple is finally addressing the problems that multiple people have stated over the past few years: the fact that hacking one’s data if they own an iPhone is pretty easy if you have the right tools. More specifically, an experienced hacker or even law enforcement can get access to your data by using the USB port. Apple has introduced a new feature to combat this, and it is called USB Restricted Mode. This will work in the following way. If you have not unlocked your phone in the past hour, then everyone trying to do that by accessing the USB port will be denied.

Apple looks like it also wants to keep your data safe from app-makers as well. They will not be able to access it anymore with the recent updates that have been done to the App Store Review Guidelines. App-makers cannot take your data anymore without your express permission. Thinking that they would be able to do that in the past is quite a scary thought in itself but here is how they were able to do that. If they asked users for access to their phone contacts, then they could take the information from there and use it for marketing purposes or sell.

Stream games on your phone

Gamers who own iPhones have been waiting to see if the tech company would be making improvements and allow streaming to happen from their smartphones. However, their hopes were crushed when Apple decided that they would reject Valve’s Steam Link app. This app would have allowed them to stream game son their phone.

This is due to the fact that Apple has decided to implement what they call a “remote notification mirroring” policy, which would include Steam related apps. However, Valve understood the situation and did not lash out at Apple for declining their offer. It looks like the days of being apple to stream video games from your iPhones are still a long way off, but we hope that one day that might become a reality.

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