Darksiders 3: Release Date, Rumors, Updates and News

Darksiders 3: Release Date, Rumors, Updates and News

Darksiders 3 is an upcoming video game based on action and adventure and the developer is American studio Gunfire Games. THQ Nordic is the publisher and this game is the sequel to Darksiders II. There is a lot of anticipation about the game as the players assume the role of Fury to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins.

Darksiders 3 Release Date

The wait for this game to be released is finally over as the developers have announced the release date as November 27, 2018. It would be launched on the following platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation4 and Microsoft Windows. All eyes are set on the exhilaration that the trailers have already created.

Darksiders 3 Release Date

The essence of Darksiders 3

The Earth is under the grip of the Seven Deadly Sins with degenerated beings and mystical creatures serving them. It is the run of Fury this time to engage in war; from the heaven, through the varying depths of hell, to restore the balance and show the world that she is still the most powerful Horsemen.

Darksiders 3 Game

Anticipation about the game

A lot of rumors are flying around the development of the game, and everyone is keen to know what is in store for them after Darksiders II. Quite naturally, a lot of hype has also generated about the game pushing it to the farthest limit of excitement. While no one knows what the take of Fury is likely to be, the phenomenal trailers show the gamers what they can expect with the eventual release of the game.

Knowledge so far

The first trailer of the game came about in May 2017, the fascination with the game has surpassed the previous games. Overall, it is an open-world game involving a plethora of puzzles and explorations. The world shown in the game is not preprogrammed, but the players have to live every bit of it. Fury is likely to move between the two worlds, adding to the excitement of the game. Many of the vents that you come across in this series resemble those that were developed in Darksiders 2, and you can expect the story to continue along the lines of Darksiders II. While amalgamating the vents of the previous Darksiders series, the developers of the game intend to bring the best in this action-based slash and hack video game.

Darksiders 3 Xbox 360

Darksiders 3 Game Setting

The open-world game also provides a lot of freedom to the players as Fury moves back and forth between different environments. Even though the world seems much like what you have seen in the previous series, this game is more coordinated and interconnected so that the players can track the path they follow, to return to the familiar locations. In the first two games of the Darksiders, you come across War and Death, the two brothers fighting their way to dispose of the evil forces with valor, and saving the world from destruction. In this series, it is the turn of their sister, Fury to execute the same role. Her kick-butt stylistic actions keep the reveals a completely different experience than the gamers are likely to see all the way around.

Character of Fury

The character of Fury as portrayed in this game is similar to a mage using a bladed whip to control the activities in the battlefield. You will come to know about her magical abilities as she keeps changing her forms during the exploration. However, it is not yet clear as to how many of these forms she is likely to show, and how they are different from her base form. The action and the combat system in this game are entirely different, and this is what makes this series unique from the predecessors. The motto of Fury is to make the Earth the safest place for humanity. Fury must succeed to create balance amidst chaos on the Earth. The mechanics and the style combat grant new abilities to the players to take on those forces that ravage the Earth.

Style of environment

The environment of the story will remind you of the previous games that you have seen so far. With a dark and beautiful feeling that the game creates, the post-apocalyptic world often seems to be reclamation by nature or a part of the heavenly destruction. The players not just traverse the Earth, but try to play their roles from the pinnacle or the Heaven to the depths of the hell. Surely, the game is going to make you excited with its distinct flavors.

Darksiders 3 PlayStation4

Understanding the game

The games in the Darksiders series are known for putting the players in control of the horsemen of the apocalypse. While in the first two series, you have witnessed players shaping themselves in the roles of War and Death, this one too follows a similar pattern. The players in this game are in control of the Horseman called Fury, the unpredictable sister of War and Death. With flowing red hair, the style that she embraces with her bladed whip makes the game truly amazing. While the gamers are anxiously waiting for the release of the game, the action and adventure in this game seem to adopt the qualities of sharpness, and throughout the game, you will feel the magical charm while putting an end to the destructive forces.

Darksiders 3 Fury

The gameplay of Darksiders 3

You can play as Fury and rely on her magical whip to control the destructive forces and restore order on the Earth. You can harness the magic of Fury to unleash the powers as she takes on different forms in this game. Each form that she assumes allows her access to power and weapons for bashing the forces of evil. The traversal abilities of Fury in this game strike you at every moment. Empower yourself while defeating the Seven Deadly Sins.

Footage of December

The footage that the gamers received in December 2017 shows Fury, fighting with all her courage and the scenes appear more original than the trailer that was released in May. The graphics of the scenes of combat are robust, and there is a natural flow all around.

Darksiders 3 Footage

According to an interview with David Adam, the President of Gunfire Games, he revealed that the team is working hard to bring the best of the gameplay tactics. While everything in the game will appear more realistic, the players can actually empathize with the character of Fury. The developers do not want to show the same scenes of destruction and peril as it appeared in the first two versions of the game. In this series, the setting appears more serene and captivating.  With the attempt of the developers to tweak some of the features of the game with the caster abilities, gamers can expect the dodge-style mechanics with the magical powers being utilized for destroying the veil powers, certainly makes the game different from the action and adventure of the previous games of the series.

Sins in the game

There are Seven Deadly Sins that are revealed in Darksiders 3, and each one of them has their unique abilities. They were locked in prison for a long time and released during Apocalypse. Sloth is only one of the sins that the gamers have seen, and the onus lies on Fury to imprison the sins once again. The image of sloth seems to be terrifying as you take a look at it for the first time.

Darksiders 3 sins

The environment, the variety, and the versatility that you see in this game will transform you into another world. With fast and furious actions that happen at every pace, the developers seem to have taken the inspiration from the previous games. You can expect the game to have more varieties than you envisage, as Fury takes on different enemies from the height of heaven to the depth of the hell.

News about Darksiders 3

David Adams of Gunfire has stated that the action sequences in this game are based on the changes that take place every moment rather than gripping the players with a string of stories. It has and will always be a video game. According to David “There’s still cool cut scenes and we have scenes around all of the Sins, and cool key story moments, but you’re not being bombarded by story – you’re running around fighting stuff and solving puzzles. That was a purposeful decision”. It seems that the game allows you to experience alternating moments between the characters and their actions.

Darksiders 3

More to come

The potential of the formula that the developers intend to show in the game is yet to be revealed fully. From the perspective of the game, the characters and the terrifying combat appears fascinating. However, there are different elements based on which the game progresses and expands. While the trailers have revealed a lot about the game, there are several things that are likely to come to the forefront as the game is now in the hands of THQ Nordic.



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