Cydia Crashing On iOS 9.3.2: How To Fix It

Cydia Crashing On iOS 9.3.2: How To Fix It

There are many people out there who prefer to jailbreak their iDevices. Today we will talk about Nightweb from SinfuliPhone, who said that “I have previously jailbroken Iphones from 3G to 5S on iOS’s 3 to 8.4, this is my first time using a semi-tether/semi-untethered jailbreak so I’m not sure if I done something wrong or if I missed something while Jailbreaking.”

He added that “I have a few tweaks and addon’s that I always install when I set up a new jailbreak as I enjoy them and just for comfort so to speak. one of which is Appsync unified from Karen’s Pineapple repo because I like to clone a few of my apps, however when I try to install it the second I tap install Cydia Crashes, I also have another issue with Cydia when I try to install IAPCrazy it go throught install then give an error at the end, and when I install the copy from Sinfuliphone’s repo it installs fine but no icon shows up.”

User Carboncopy from the same website has suggested him to try uninstalling everything (in safe mode) that he has installed and get Crash Reporter to have an idea what’s going wrong on his device.

It seems that thanks to this suggestion, Nightweb has managed to fix the problems. He claimed that while he was trying to fix this issue, he realized that Cydia was actually the real problem and not the tools that he has installed through it. In other words, he focused repairing Cydia using the “Cydia Eraser” in order to format the device. Once that operation was complete, he just re-jailbroke the device and the Cydia was not crashing anymore.

So, if you have the same issue, you should know that the only way you can fix it is by installing “Cydia Eraser” to make sure that Cydia is completely removed from your handset. After that, just jailbreak the device again and you should be fine.

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