CyanogenMod 12 might be delayed for the Older Devices due to the confliction with PIE feature

CynagonMod is in the news for quite sometimes due to their correlation with a startup Chinese company OnePlus. OnePlus and CyanogenMod have recently launched a new device named OnePlus One which runs on the commercial version of CyanogenOS and its hardware is very advanced. The commercial version is growing fast, but most people still like the CyanogenMod over the other version as this is an open-source operating system. The major advantage of CyanogenMod is that it can be obtained in more devices while CyanogenOS is available to small numbers of devices.

CyanogenMod 12

CyanogenMod 12

The latest upcoming version of CyanogenMod is CyanogenMod 12. It can also be said CM 12. The CyanogenMod 12 will come up with the added features of CyanogenMod and Android 5.0(Lollipop). So of course this CyanogeMod 12 is going to be very interesting. All are very curious to get this newer version to their device to enjoy the mix features of Lollipop and CyanogenMod. The development of CM 12 is going on, and some experimental versions are available for downloading.

However, according to some sources, there are some issues with implementing the cyanogenMod 12 in the older devices. The reason is the PIE features of the old devices. This feature is not allowing the CyanogenMod 12 to run properly. This is happening due to the confliction between the security features of CM 12 and the PIE features of old Samsung Devices. So this might take time to resolve the issue, and the older Samsung Device users have to wait to implement this new CM 12 on their phone. It is not clearly said that when the CM 12 can be available or if there are any chances of not implementing the CyanogenMod 12 in the older devices. So if you are holding an old Samsung device, then you need to wait until the PIE issues get fixed.


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