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CSE Warns of Cyber Attacks 

Recently, the CSE (Canada Communications Security Establishments) has issued a report showing that hackers will try to hack the Elections in the country in 2019. From what it seems, cyber criminals, as well as hacktivists, have leaked some important government documents. Previously, they had tried to hack the Elections in 2015 as well.

A Dangerous Issue

They have targeted candidates and spread wrong informations, as well as propaganda, in their attempt to influence the results. However, it seems that their actions weren’t that successful, since CSE reported that their simple attacks did not influence at all the election results. Even so, CSE warns that hackers may want to interfere in the 2019 elections as well.

The organization also reported that 13% of the countries that will hold national elections this year are currently being targeted by cyber-attacks. Moreover, it seems that hackers are going to use more sophisticated technologies and strategies. The CSE report claims that various hacktivist groups will use their capacities to influence the democratic process that will take place in 2019.

Fears for Future Elections

As such, the Canadian Intelligence is fearing a possible involvement just like the one that took place with the French and American presidential elections. However, they did avoid referring to Russia or any other state as a potential opponent for them.

They believe that hackers are going to increase their efforts and employ some more sophisticated strategies in order to achieve their purposes. At the same time, the Canadian agency commented on the collective secret documents leaked by Anonymous back in 2015 regarding the diplomatic missions and the spy network Canada has overseas. As such, they were released with the clear purpose of damaging the candidate Tories when the election campaign was still ongoing. For this reason, we might expect some more other documents like this in the future.

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