Comparison iPad Pro Case with iPad Air

The iPad Pro case photos started circulating the Internet, and of course, that strengthen the rumors about the design which will be adopted for iPad Pro. Rumors about new Apple devices are always interesting for the fans of the Apple products. When it comes to the rumors about this device, it seems that Apple is doing some experiments in order to make a bigger size iPad and it’s believed that the size will be 12 inches.

Today, Nowhereelse shared an interesting photo, which compares iPad Pro cases with iPad Air 2.

“The German team has the opportunity to measure the dimensions of this device confirms the way those I had revealed a month earlier ie approximately 307mm high and 222mm wide. The thickness in this case has not been measured but I remind you, however, it should be around 6.8mm to 7.2mm. Information that was communicated to me by one of my informants faithful” 

It seems that iPad Pro will have stereo speakers at the top and the bottom, while the power button, lightning, headphone jack and volume button follows the placement of previous iPad gen. The appearance of iPad Pro case indicates that the size of that iPad Pro is suitable for the professionals and it seems that it will go head to head with the Microsoft Surface 3 which has a large screen. Apple is also going for a thinner design, light and longer battery, and those three things are not something that Microsoft Surface 3 has.

According to the rumors, iPad Pro should enter the production in the third quarter of this year, so in a couple of months, we will be finally able to see another excellent Apple’s device. Are you excited as we are?

Comparison iPad Pro Case with iPad Air Comparison iPad Pro Case with iPad Air Comparison iPad Pro Case with iPad Air Comparison iPad Pro Case with iPad Air

Comparison iPad Pro Case with iPad Air

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Source via nowhereelse