Common Problems On Moto E And Their Solutions

Moto E is the latest smart phone from Motorola that came out on the market this year, and found great popularity due to its huge number of features and affordable price. However, despite its popularity, users of this smart phone have been having several issues with their handsets. Here I will discuss some of the common problems on Moto E and ways to solve those problems.

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Moto E Blurry Photos

Blurry photo is one of the common problems on Moto E, and a lot of users have been complaining about this issue. The Moto E has a 5MP camera, but the quality of pictures isn’t good because there is no flash, no auto-focus, and no front-facing camera on this smart phone.

1. To get better quality pictures try to avoid taking close-ups or photos in low light because they are never going to be well with this camera.

2. The HDR mode of the camera is set to Auto by default. Try changing it to ON, and you should get photos with better results and colors.

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Stuck Pixels Moto E

Common Problems On Moto E

Common Problems On Moto E

A huge number of Moto E owners have complained about the dead or stuck pixels -there is an unresponsive black dot on the screen of this phone.

1. To solve the dead or stuck pixels problem, you can download a free app “Dead Pixel Detect and Fix.” By downloading and running this app, you can get rid of your pixel problem. You may need to run the app for a few hours, but many users have found that this app is the perfect solution to their problem.

2. If the app doesn’t solve your problem, you can always contact your retailer and ask for a replacement phone if you clearly see dead pixels on your Moto E screen.


Moto E Restricted Access Changed

Many users of the Moto E have reported that they are getting the notification, “Restricted access changed, emergency service is blocked” on the screen. This is one of the most common problems on Moto E and is most likely a network issue, not any fault of the software or hardware.

1. To solve this problem take out the SIM card from your Moto E and make sure that it is cleaned, then re-insert the card again.

2. This problem may occur if you use a cut-down SIM card instead of a micro SIM. If this is the case with your phone, request for a micro SIM from your carrier and use that one.


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