Common Moto G5 Issues And Their Fixes

Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus are great additions to the Moto G line; both are available for under $200. This mid-budget

Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus are great additions to the Moto G line; both are available for under $200. This mid-budget device is integrated with excellent features to allow you to accomplish multiple tasks hassle-free. 

However, as with many other smartphones, it is not perfect. This article will highlight the most common Moto G5 issues and their fixes.


11 Most Common Moto G5 Issues and Their Fixes

Problem #1: Issues with the wifi.

Problems with the wifi in the Moto G5 smartphone are very common; luckily, these can be resolved quickly by completing the steps below:


  • First, restart your Moto G5 or the Moto G5 Plus device.
  • Turn off the wifi slider by going to settings> wifi. Then turn it back on.
  • Reset the network settings by going to Settings >Back up & Reset > Reset network settings and then tap on Reset.
  • Forget and then re-add the wifi network for which you are experiencing problems. To do so, go to Settings> wifi, select the problem network, and tap on ‘forget.’ Add the network again, following the same method.
  • Turn off wifi scanning. This can be done from settings> location>Options.
  • Finally, check if an update is available. If yes, proceed with an update.


Problem #2: Overheating issues

Moto G5 heating issues are among the most common problems many users have complained about. To avoid overheating issues, see below.


  • Ensure you restart your device at least once or twice a week. Using the device at a stretch for 150-200 hours can cause overheating.
  • Update the device with the latest software available.
  • Do not use the phone while it is charging.
  • Remove the case when using it. Some cases are incompatible with your device and can, therefore, make the device heat up.
  • Let the device cool down for some time after playing heavy games.
  • Turn off all unnecessary background apps, reduce screen brightness and turn off wifi and Bluetooth when they are not in use.


Problem #3: Freezing and lagging issue

If your Moto G5 or G5 plus freezes or freezes a lot, then the following tips may help to reduce that. Generally, this issue is caused by your phone overheating. So, ensure you follow the directions above to avoid overheating your device, then follow the methods below:


  • Restart the device first and then move on to the following methods.
  • Sometimes the cause of the problem may be an app. To confirm if it is, perform a safe boot. To boot the device in safe mode, long press the power button until the power off option becomes available. Next, long-press the "Power off" option, which will bring the "Reboot to Safe Mode" option. Tap on "OK," and your phone will enter safe mode. If the Moto G5 or G5 Plus is not lagging in this mode, an app is causing the problem. Deduce which app it is and uninstall it from your device.
  • If you are facing this lag with a specific app, then clear the app's cache.
  • Uninstall all unnecessary files and applications.
  • If the problem persists, perform a factory reset.


Problem #4: The Motion control and gestures are not responding

The Moto G5 has integrated a gesture and motion control feature that allows users to turn on the flashlight or launch an app through gestures. Unfortunately, some users have stated that this gesture and motion control does not work on their latest Moto G device. Here are the solutions to this issue.


  • Restart the device.
  • Boot the device in safe mode to see if an app is causing the issue. If so, identify the app and uninstall it from your Moto G5 device.
  • Perform a factory reset.
  • If nothing resolves the issue, then contact Motorola Support.


Problem #5: Camera tint, poor video quality, and video recording issues

According to users, the video quality is poor whenever they try to shoot 4K videos. This is coupled with an unusual noise in the background. Along with this, a pink tint is also noticed alongside the viewfinder's edges. Here are the fixes for this issue.


  • First, ensure you update the device with the latest software available. Motorola has already released an update to fix this camera and video recording error.
  • Next, reset the camera settings.
  • Boot the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus in safe mode.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset if everything else fails to fix the issue.


Problem #6: Internal noise

Users reported hearing a clicking sound whenever they shook their phones. The good news is that there is nothing to worry about. Here are the required workarounds.


  • This sound is assumed to come from the SIM tray or the SD card. To check this, remove the SIM tray and the SD card and gently shake the phone to see if any sounds are heard. If you still hear the sound, it may be the camera lens.
  • If this does not affect the performance of your device, there is nothing to worry about. If you notice any other issues along with this, reach out to Motorola Support for 

Problem #7: Call Quality issues

Many Moto G5 plus users have reported call quality issues; these include the call getting disconnected very often, while some have stated that the person on the other line sounds digitized. Although Motorola did not roll out an official update to fix this issue, there are always some workarounds you can perform to improve the poor call quality issue in the Moto G5.


  • First, restart the phone and then check the call quality.
  • Disable the HD Voice by going to settings> Advanced calling. Turn this option ON by toggling the switch and tap on the HD Voice feature to disable it.
  • Also, disable the Enhanced 4G LTE Mode by going to Settings > More > Cellular networks. Many users have gotten rid of this issue by doing so.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset.


Problem #8: Corrupted SD card

A few Moto G5 users have stated that the corrupted SD card issue arises whenever they power off their phone. If you are not yet facing this problem, ensure you do not turn off the device until a software update is available for this glitch. You can also remove the SD card and turn off the device to avoid any corrupted SD card issues.


The only solution to this issue is to format your SD card. This can be done by going to settings>Storage>SD card>options>Storage settings>Format as internal and then tapping on Erase and format.


Problem #9: VoLTE issue

Voice over LTE is a great feature, and it has benefitted the users of the Moto G5 immensely. Unfortunately, many Moto G5 users cannot activate VoLTE on their Moto G5 device. They reported that there is no option to enable this feature. Below are the best solutions for this issue.


  • First, restart your device and try again.
  • Reset the network settings then by going to settings.
  • Switch the SIM card position on your Moto G5 phone.
  • Ensure you are within the network coverage area and set the preferred network to 4G.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset.


Problem #10: Auto-brightness does not work properly.

Auto brightness is a feature that automatically adjusts the display's brightness level to help owners of the phone be more comfortable while using. But according to some users, the adaptive brightness settings do not adjust the display brightness automatically. Here are the solutions to the issue.


  • Turn off the adaptive brightness once by going to Settings > Display > Brightness level and Adaptive brightness. Then turn it back on to see if it can resolve the issue.
  • Another option is to manually adjust the brightness by going to Settings > Display > Brightness level.


Problem #11: Not able to launch the camera app

Many Moto G5 users are facing this issue. They cannot launch the camera app, and an error message that states, "Error message, restart the camera app," pops up.


  • Restart the phone and then try to relaunch the camera app.
  • Next, confirm if an app is causing the camera app to malfunction. To check, perform a boot in safe mode and if the camera works fine, identify the culprit app and uninstall it from the device.
  • Clear the cache and data of the camera app by going to Settings > App > Camera > Storage and then tap on clear data.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset.


So, these are the most common Moto G5 issues and their fixes. Most, if not all, of the problems are minor and not related to the hardware. They can be fixed easily by following the workarounds listed here. If you face any of the above issues on your Moto G5 phone, follow the steps listed above and it will return to normal in no time.

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