Common Google Pixel Problems And How To Fix Them

Have you been dealing with some of the common Google Pixel problems? If taken on the modern perspective, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are among the best smartphones at the moment. Although these smartphones boast about the use of smart technology and applications, yet the users might face certain Google Pixel problems.

Most of the users of the Google Pixel have appreciated the excellent performance of the smartphone with respect to the world-class camera, spectacular screen, and stunning battery life. The Google Pixel smartphone runs on Android 7.1 Nougat and therefore, can be considered to be the best Android smartphone in the industry. However, there could be several drawbacks or some common Google Pixel problems that could be encountered by the users of this smartphone. Some of such issues along with their solutions are listed here.

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The Common Google Pixel Issues And Their Fixes

Google Pixel Wi-Fi Problems

This is one of the most common Google Pixel problems faced by the users while using this smartphone. A lot of users have complained about the Wi-Fi problems related to the speed, connectivity or drops in the Wi-Fi connection. However, the Wi-Fi problem in the Google Pixel smartphone is just a small glitch and can be recovered in no time.

If you are having Wi-Fi issues with the Google Pixel smartphone, then the first step to resolving could be to switch it off and then on. You just need to slide down the notification bar of the Google Pixel smartphone and then turn the Wi-Fi connection off for once and then switch it on once again. If this solution does not help in solving the Google Pixel problems, then reboot the phone.

If yet your Wi-Fi problem is not resolved, then you can fix the same by re-setting the home router or modem. Another option could be to go to the settings of your smartphone, then proceed to Wi-Fi and then forget the wireless network. You can search for the Wi-Fi network again and then reconnect by using the password to establish the connection.


Pixel Bluetooth Problems

The biggest problem experienced by the users is while connecting the Bluetooth to the car devices. To resolve this problem, the users can try deleting all the Bluetooth pairings and then start over by establishing the connection all over again.

The users who have been using the Android 7.1.2 Nougat version of the operating system in their Google Pixel smartphone can be expecting of some advanced solution to the Bluetooth problems in the upcoming times.


Pixel Camera Problems

Google has claimed that Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the best smartphones in the industry when it comes to the camera resolution and picture quality taken by the mobile device. From the independent reviews received upon the use of the camera of Google Pixel, this smartphone by Google has received the highest rank by the users. Even after that, there could be several hardware issues. Google has claimed to resolve the Google Pixel issues with camera in the upcoming update of the smartphone.

As far as the lens flare is concerned, this virtually happens in all of the smartphones. Many users of the Google Pixel experience a flare or a ring while taking pictures. If the pictures seem to be blurry, then you must ensure that HDR+ is enabled. You can even try wiping the camera lens to remove any dirt or fingerprints from the front portion. Another is related to the poor signal areas (absence of 4G LTE). The support forum of Google has received several complaints with regard to the freezing of camera, blocks and artifacts on the screen and even purple or pink colors appearing on the camera while clicking the images. Google is already working on these Google Pixel issues and claims to resolve the same with the next update of the phone.


Pixel Microphone Problems

Several users across the world have been facing Google Pixel issues with respect to the improper functioning of the microphone. There have been common issues like not enough sound and distorted sound from the microphone of the Google Pixel smartphone.

To resolve this common issue, the users can start a phone call and then turn on the speakers, then back to off mode. This solution can resolve the microphone issues in the Google Pixel smartphone. Another solution to this problem can be to perform a factory data reset. However, it must be noted that this act shall delete everything present on the smartphone.

Many users might also have the complaint of having problems with the sound of the smartphone. The loud volumes might get squeaky or might break at some points. Google has provided several solutions to the same in the new version of the Android 7.1.2 beta operating system.


Google Pixel Overheating

Although Google Pixel has an amazing battery life, yet at some points in its usage, the users might experience some form of overheating in the smartphone. This could be one of the most common Google Pixel problems faced by the users. This usually happens in the case when the users would be playing games or might be using the navigation features for longer periods of time. There could also be cases of certain apps misbehaving in a certain manner. Therefore, to avoid the same, then users can go to settings, then battery and hereunder, they can observe if anything suspicious might be utilizing the excessive power and heating up the smartphone. If there is anything as such, the users can then proceed to uninstall the same to prevent the overheating of the phone.


Google Pixel Missing LED Light

The users usually have the excitement of the LED lighting as the notification light in the Android smartphones. In addition to the excitement, the users also have the convenience of the LED lighting blinking during the incoming calls, messages, emails or notifications.

The Google Pixel smartphone users usually have the absence of this glory of the blinking LED light which is set in the smartphone by default. However, to resolve this problem, the users can customize the LED light with an app like the Light Flow to get the best experience of the notifications in the form of LED light blinking.


Google Pixel Battery Life Problems

This is one of the most common Google Pixel problems faced by the users as they go on to use the smartphone for a longer period of time. With an amazing 3450 mAh battery life, it can be quite surprising for the Google Pixel smartphone to experience any sort of battery life issues. However, with prolonged usage and improper charging, the phone might experience some sort of battery life issues. There could be an issue with particular applications on the phone that could lower the battery performance of the smartphone. To resolve the same, the users can customize the location settings, turn down the brightness level, and can even uninstall the bigger apps.

The best solution is to go to Settings and then make sure that a particular app is not draining the battery of the phone. The users can go to Settings, then battery and then observe what is actually draining the battery life of your phone. It could be some app, the Android system, or the screen of the smartphone. You can uninstall the particular app if it is killing the battery life and you can even hit “Force close” to terminate the functioning of the particular app in the phone. The users can also run their phone in the battery saver mode when the phone is not being used extensively. You can even restart or update the apps like Facebook or FB Messenger that might drain the battery life of your Google Pixel smartphone.


Google Pixel Fingerprint Scanner Problems

The Google Pixel smartphone is considered to have the most advanced and the fastest fingerprint scanner systems. However, if the users are experiencing some sort of fingerprint scanner problems, then they can try going into the settings and deleting the saved fingerprints and then re-setting them again. You must also ensure that the scanner is clean and free of any dirt particles that can be the cause of the problem.

If you have been facing any of the above-mentioned Google Pixel issues, try the tips mentioned here and then enjoy the experience of using the Google Pixel smartphone.


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