Coffee and Tea are no longer lethal in Sims 4

Electronic Arts released a new patch for Sims 4, given that Island Living DLC will roll out in a few days. According to Electronic Arts, the latest update will incorporate a few changes in the fishing scenario. Moreover, the patch also brings two traits, 350 door swatches, and lounge chair. The most important feature of the patch is that the beverages are safe for consumption once again.

EA added a traits button                                         

The patch also introduced a randomized traits button; upon clicking, the sims avatars will be able to add random traits to the sims irrespective of their age. The gamers can access the feature using the “create a sim” found in the “age up” feature.

The new update provides a chance for the toddlers to enjoy colorful diapers along with seasons and sea paddling pool. Recently, Sims 4 game series collaborated with “It Gets Better Project,” and the collaboration brought the trademark “rainbow clothing” of “Pride Society” to the game. The gamers can show their support to the LGBTQ population around the world with the pride t-shirts and rainbow leggings.

Patch brings more build buy updates

The players can easily match up to their doors as the patch brings 350 doors to the game. Ceiling fans in the game have also received an important update and they have got their category. Gamers who like to save electricity in real-life can turn the ceiling fan on and off, manually.

Sims 4 Patch

Updates in Sims 4 gameplay

EA has introduced a modernized fishing system with the new update. Additionally, there is also a new User Interface along with new rewards, bait system, and interactions. The latest patch allows one sim to join another who would be fishing. Sims can also mentor someone else and teach them fishing.

Sims 4 is famous for its part-time job concept, and the new update has made some significant changes concerning part-time jobs. Now, both teenage sims and middle-edge sims can avail the opportunity of part-time employment. On the other hand, sims can now choose their preferred shifts: morning or evening shift.

There is an extensive amount of bug fixes which came along with the patch. For instance, needy pets won’t be able to come between people’s interactions queue. The sims pets won’t be able to interrupt during the showing and bathing of the sims, either. The gamers who have celebrity sims won’t have their sims falsely accused of stealing.

The best thing about the patch is tea and coffee and they are finally consumable. There are also some minor changes and bug fixes in the game that will be revealed as the characters progress in their narrative.

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