“Closing Multitasking Does Not Improve Battery Life”, Says Apple’s Software SVP

Apple’s software SVP, Craig Federighi answered a question about ‘close multitasking app and battery life’. Actually, the question was addressed to Tim Cook from someone named Caleb through email. He asked whether Cook always closes the multitasking app on his device and does it’s needed to improve the battery life? In addition, he informed that this thing are commonly done by many users and he wanted a clear explanation. He finally got the answer the next day, but not from Tim Cook. Craig Federighi is the one that answered. He confidently said shortly “no and no”.

"Closing Multitasking Does Not Improve Battery Life", Says Apple's Software SVP "Closing Multitasking Does Not Improve Battery Life", Says Apple's Software SVP

From this answer, now we know that closing multitasking app will not improve the battery lifetime. It just something users believe in. iOS has a suspend app technology when we are not using it and it doesn’t use the battery. One thing you need to know is the Background Apps Refresh can drain your iPhone battery lifetime. You can find the Background Apps Refresh on Settings >> General.

There are two interesting facts we get from this news: a quit multitasking app has been cleared up and the respond of Apple’s top leader was pretty cool.


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