Clean Up Your Android Device – Clean the Cache Manually

We all know how annoying it is to receive the message that you have insufficient storage on your device whenever you want to download a new app or to take a video or a photo. And either way, we could all use some advice on cleaning up our Android devices, since most people don’t do that on a regular basis. Here you have a couple of solutions and suggestions for cleaning up your device:

Find Problems

DiskUsage is an app that is very helpful in detecting problems found within phones. It helps you find out what kind of data takes up lots of space on your machine. You can scan the phone with the app and you will see what folders use most memory.

Clean the Cache Manually

It is worth to take up your time and look manually into the cache. In this way you can learn more about the prevention measures. One example would be blocking the avalanches of pictures that get downloaded automatically on messaging apps, such as WhatsApp. Moreover, if you do it yourself, you’ll be sure not to damage your phone.

Factory Reset

Though this measure is rather drastic, many avoid doing this unless they have no other choice. What this option does is to restore all the settings to the factory state. This means you won’t have any more apps, contacts, data or anything at all, just the standard ones. Even so, if you have a more recent version of the software, the system will most likely come back to the latest upgrade if you perform a factory reset on it.

However, this last option is mostly used when people try to install custom ROMs on their devices. It might still come in handy if you have an older device though, so you might want to consider it.

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