Clash Royale: 10.000 Players Have Qualified To The Phase 2 Of Crown Championship

Clash Royale is a free to play mobile tower rush video game that has been developed and published by Supercell. In this game you will need to gather cards (troops or spells), build up decks and use them in battle.

The game has been released last year in March, but since then it has gained popularity because the cards have been inspired from the troops and spells that are in Clash of Clans, a very well known game developed by the same company.

The Fall Season of the highly anticipated Clash Royale Crown Championship is now under way. In order to qualify in the second round (Bracket Play), you will need to reach 20 wins during the Crown Championship Challenge. Today the Clash Royale developers have shared that over 10.000 players have already reached this milestone.

We have to mention that until now there were 27.4 million unique participants in this event. That being said, you are very lucky if you got yourself in the second bracket of the tournament. Keep in mind that the unique participated numbers don’t include the actual amount of times each player has tried to complete the challenge.

However, reports are suggesting that the amount of total attempts that have been done to get to the second bracket have been of about 100 million.

Clash Royale Crown Championship: Phase 2 (Bracket Play)

·       During the Bracket Player, all the players who have completed the Crown Championship 20 Win Challenge will battle over 6 days in single-elimination regional bracketed tournaments where the top players from each bracketed tournament will advance in the next phase (matches are best of 3 games);

·       Tournaments will contain multiple entry after a short window of single entry in order to make sure that all players have a chance to participate (not like last year when some players were not able to attend the second phase);


  • A total of only 12 players in each region will advance from Bracket Play to the next phase of the competition.

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