Clash of Clans: Fans to Expect a Massive Update

Clash of Clans: Fans to Expect a Massive Update

Supercell is gearing up for what is considered a massive update on one of the most popular games created: Clash of Clans. In less than two weeks, update teasers have been released on YouTube, with the “Clash of Clans: How Do We Get Over There?” video clip having more than 66 million views.

There were speculations that the much-awaited developments on Supercell’s best-seller free MMO strategy mobile app will be released a week after the first teaser came out but May 11th has gone by and yet game players are just left with mere expectations. According to rumors, the earliest date might be on May 15. This was after Supercell confirmed to COC fanatics that no update will be released before May 11.

What We Know So Far

First, there was the short “Shipwreck” video which made it more exciting. Docked by the shore, with a need for repairs, this boat wreck led to yet another hunch that there will be a second village, especially that the magicians and mountaineers talking that they have a glimpse of the land

Aside from the new features well-worth looking forward to, changes and updates are to be expected by users. While COC developers are still mum about these things, these teasers speak for themselves. Just take note the clip released on Day 2 of the Pirate which spectators presume shows the possibility of a new village.

Another much-talked about probability is the new game mode. This was a leak from an app store that is not under Apple or Google. What it revealed were screenshots of a Barbarian with an Australian flag and waving it excitingly, a development that coincides with yet another rumor of a PvP feature for COC.

Meanwhile, another source also implied that this leaked game mode will have “achievement” with it. According to reports, as players will battle other gamers to invade scare territories, the “unbuild” option will give them the chance to destroy the village of their enemies and construct their own over it.

What is interesting about this is that players do not have to wait for 24 hours to attack territories. What was deciphered so far was that it will be a one-on-one situation where each player is attacking its opponent and trying to win. Also, instead of letting the player use the army in the base, he or she will be given time to build a new army which will be used in the head-to-head battle.

Hog Rider

Another teaser worth noting of is the Captain’s Log Day 2 referred to as “New Friends”. We see Hog Rider planning of being friends with Skeletons. This is all the information we have about this one.

Supercell confirmed that this will be the biggest update ever. After a dip in sales and the intent of Chinese investors to acquire COC, the developer needed to rev up its game. This might also be the reason behind the massive update and a slight delay on its release. Members of the developing team are really serious about making a great comeback and the COC Shipwreck update teaser definitely showed it.



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