Civilization 5 Trump Is Now A Reality!

Sid Meier’s Civilization V is a very popular strategy game, both for the complex game mechanics, and the fact that it can be easily moded. But to go as creating Civilization 5 Trump? This is amazing.

We don’t know what our audience thinks about Trump, but his latest TV appearances seem similar to a skit from Comedy Central, this man having, for sure, an incredible PR team. A team of two modders, SeaKraken and Ballistic, brought Trump in the universe of Sid Meier’s Civilization, specifically in the 5. And the result is spectacular.


One of the creators perfectly describes  the game in a post on Steam: “In this mod, you can play as Donald Trump, supreme dictator of the United States of America and CEO of the Trump Organization.”

This mod is crazy, we can say. Right from the first screen, you can see clearly that it is a satire on politics. At the begining, the population happiness is at 100% by default. But whenever you take new territory or establish a new metropolis, happiness increases with 4.5 percent and you also start with a free worker.

Small adjustments have been made, such as the fact that now instead of granite, you have infantry, which sits on what the game calls: “great wall of America”. Not to mention that when you generate a soldier, you get points in culture for one reason or another.

Finally, the game is pure dementia and should be tried only for humorous purposes.

The mod can be downloaded from Steam, HERE.

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