Using Chrome Remote Desktop To Help Others

You probably know a few of your friends and family members that are new to computers. Well, if they use Chrome browser or if their computer runs on Chrome OS, you should know that there is an application that allows you to connect to their PCs.

This application is called Google Chrome Remote Desktop and it allows you to connect on any computer that runs on Chrome OS or has Chrome browser installed. Today we will teach you how you can use this application, so that you can easily help others when they are facing issues with their computers.

Chrome Remote Desktop

First of all, you will need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop application, which can be found either on the Chrome Web Store (PC), Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS). We have to mention that you can use Chrome Remote Desktop to connect on a computer, but you can’t use this application to share your mobile device’s screen.

In case your friend is using Chromebook then you will need to ask him to install the Chrome Remote Desktop directly from the Chrome Web Store. However, if he has the computer running on Windows or Mac OS, he will need to firstly install Google Chrome and after that install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension.

Once this extension is installed, your friend will need to open it and grant permissions to the extension to log in with a Google account. Then he will need to click on the big green “Share” button that’s located under “Remote Assistance.”

If this is the first time when your friend is using the Chrome Remote Desktop to share his screen, he will also need to download the “Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.” Don’t worry because it has only 32MB and it should get downloaded in a minute or so. After the file gets downloaded, your friend will need to run the executable and click “Next” or “Continue” a few times to complete the installation.

Once the Host package is installed, he will need to go back to the Chrome Remote Desktop application where he will see a code that’s formed from 12 numbers. Ask him to give you these numbers, as you will need them to connect to his computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop: Accessing A Computer Remotely

Once you get the 12 numbers, you will have to tap/click on the “Access” button in the Chrome Remote Desktop application, and inside the dialog box you will have to enter them.

Finally, a new window will open, which will actually be a “live” copy of other computer’s screen. You will have full control of your friend’s computer, meaning that you will be able to open applications, install new ones or even uninstall some of them. HINT: You also have the ability to make changes to the operating system or setup some of the tools or applications.

We remind you that Chrome Remote Desktop can be used on computers running on Chrome OS, Windows and Mac. So, if you have a friend that has a computer and doesn’t know how to solve an issue on it, ask him to:

  • Connect the computer to the internet;
  • Install Chrome Remote Desktop if his computer runs on Chrome OS;
  • Install Chrome Browser + Chrome Remote Desktop if his computer runs on Windows OS or Mac OS;
  • Give you the 12 numbers.

Have you ever used Chrome Remote Desktop to connect and control a computer from distance? Tell us your thoughts about this application!

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