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Chrome OS vs. Windows 10 S – Best Educational Features Comparison

Microsoft and Google are vying for control of the educational sector of the market by trying to provide operating systems designed students. Currently, Google’s operating system and the Chromebooks seem to be in control but Microsoft is attempting to change that with their new Windows 10 S.

Windows 10 S

Recently, Microsoft has showcased its new, lighter version of Windows 10 that is tailored for more casual and education-orientated consumers. Overall, the Windows 10 S functions the same as the regular Windows 10, but it does have some integrated limitations that serve to make the OS much safer and secure to run. It also aims to make it more simple and less cumbersome for use in schools. Currently, it is only available for the new Surface Laptop, also made by Microsoft, but also for a selection of laptops that are still being worked on. On top of this, it could also end up on the Windows Store for download at a later date.

As far as the decision to remove certain features is concerned, Microsoft has described this decision as being a sort of configuration tailored from the Windows 10 Pro to better serve its designated purpose.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS acts as the operating system behind the Chromebooks. Despite its simple and light design, it is still a powerful system and it needs to be so that it can run the Chromebooks at full force.

Chrome OS takes a different route from the traditional style that most operating systems have and is very much inspired from the internet itself.  Almost everything that is done using the Chrome OS is online-based. If Google is your main search engine, then you will very much like how Chrome OS is designed, since they pretty much have the same layout. Almost everything is done via browser searchers and almost every task is connected to servers in Google’s cloud.

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  1. Biggest issue is how incredibly insecure Edge consistently has been. One HUGE security flaw after another. Look at the headlines out of Pawned this year

    “Microsoft’s Edge Was Most Hacked Browser At Pwn2Own 2017, While Chrome Remained Unhackable”

    MS Edge was the most hacked browser of any. Now how is that possible with MS resources? Nobody should be using Edge. Use Chrome or Opera or something besides Edge.

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