Chrome Dev Update Comes with Home Interface and New Fixes

Chrome Dev Update Comes with Home Interface and New Fixes

As you may well know, Google’s ever so popular Chrome browser comes in the normal version and the developer version. Well, Chrome Dev has reached version 61 already, and the first notable change in it seems to be the Chrome Home icon and overall interface. Chrome Home has been one feature that kept changing a lot during the latest installments, so it’s not that surprising to see that Chrome Dev 61 comes with yet another Chrome Home shift.

What’s New

The Chrome Home flag that moved the address bar to the bottom of the screen was first spotted all the way back in October of 2016. Many months have come and passed since then, and Google kept on tweaking and refining it. However, it was still hidden under the flag for the most part, but now that Chrome Dev 61 finally rolled around, Chrome Home is out in the open for all users to see and use. No more hiding behind the flag for it, it seems.

While this change isn’t that major in itself, it does seem to indicate a major step forward in the future for the regular version of Google Chrome. This might very well imply that the next stable version of Google Chrome to reach devices will have Chrome Home fully integrated into it. In fact, this is about the only guess we have, seeing what took place now with Chrome Dev 61.

However, it will take a little bit longer for whatever Google enforce in Chrome Dev to reach the stable version that all users have access to without any tweaks and codes. Therefore, expect to wait a little bit more for Chrome Home to appear in your default browser. All in all, this new update seems to hold promise for Google Chrome’s future.

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