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Chrome 60 Comes with New Features and Changes

Google has been doing a great job of keeping Chrome, their very own browser, up to date with the latest tech over the years. If you like to keep up with tech news, then you most likely know that Chrome was 59 just released officially and is currently running on all browsers across all devices. But this also means that Chrome 60 entered its beta testing phase, which made us privy to the newest features that its developers plan to include with it. Let’s have a look at some of them.

New Context Menu

Whenever you long-press either an image or a link on Chrome, the context menu appears. This in itself is a feature that not many people know of or use, but Google managed to make it better, so it means that maybe it will also be more visible. The beta version of Chrome 60 comes with a shiny new context menu.

New Search Widget

Google Chrome version 60 will have a new search widget, which actually came along due to a lawsuit that the company faced in Russia. Yandex, a Russian search company, accused Google of violating local regulations in this sense, and thus Google started developing the widget, which is also interchangeable to other search engines. This is a very simple and effective fix that puts an end to unlawful competition practices.

New file picker

The Chrome file picker also gets a makeover in Chrome 60, as we can see from its beta version. When you try to upload a file or image to a website from Google Chrome, a file picker window opens where you can select what you want to upload. The new and remodeled version is far more elegant and sleek, but it’s still unfinished so we have to wait a bit more to see what the final thing looks like.

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