Children Protective services Can Take Away The Sims’ Kids

The Sims 4 is trying very hard to provide a realistic approach to the virtual world and game. The developer Maxis is curating a subtle amount of dreary mechanics to make the game seem exciting. The new mechanism suggests that if Sims characters begin to neglect their children, then non-player characters can take the children away.

This is creating a lot of problem among virtual parents in the game. The recent addition of Child Protective Services in the game is making the Sims in the game incredibly tough to carry out their duties. It is not the Sims which calls in the child protective services; rather, a catalyst does this without any prior notice.

In the previous versions, the game would bring forward a social worker if their Sims character does not follow protocol. According to the official Wiki of The Sims, the social worker would take away a toddler, baby, child, or even a pet if their needs drop rapidly. On the other hand, if there are no other older Sims in a home due to an untimely death, then the kids would be put up for adoption.

Who is responsible for this action?

Sources suggest that there isn’t an actual person who knocks at the door to take away the child. Nevertheless, the game would simply fade away children or pets into an absolute emptiness if the adult Sims neglect them. If the situation works into the favor of the Sims, then the Sims will get a warning before the children are taken away. If a child performs very poor in his/her academic career, then the game will take the child away.

New reports suggest that a bug allows the game to take away the children from Sims in many ways. For instance, a fan of the game led the kid to play with a toy and the Sims child was not able to do anything else. The child could not eat or sleep either. The player later reported to EA Games forum that the toddler Sim was incredibly happy but now the toddler is angry. Moreover, the Sims child cannot even tend to its bathroom’s needs.

Curating families is among the cornerstones of the modern-day Sims franchise. There is a minor bug which is giving rise to massive consequences for the players who play the game to escape from reality. Moreover, it is also a burden for some of the in-game challenges that concern the children.

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