Check And Install iPhone Carrier Settings Update


Every iPhone requires an update .It can be software update, application update or iPhone carrier update. It’s pretty distinct that a Smartphone requires updates to keep the applications run smoothly. In case of iPhones, an average user is always abreast of few software to apply . It can be twitching network configurations to voicemails updates.


iPhone carrier settings aren’t going to be updated as frequently as applications.  It’s always advisable to check for the iPhone carrier settings update.  Check if your service provider has made any important updates. This can be integrated for running your device.

Checking for updates and installing 


  1. On your iPhone’s home screen, find the ‘Settings’ app and click on it.
  2.  Enter the Settings app, out of several options
  3. On the left hand side find the option ‘General’ and tap on it.
  4. Now, you’ll be able to see on the right hand side as about. Click on it.

  5.  Wait for 4 to 5 seconds to see whether your carrier has sent an update for your iPhone.

  6.  A dialogue box pops up, prompting Carrier Settings update> Carrier setting for your iPhone is available, do you wish to update them now?
  7.  It’s entirely your discretion whether to upgrade your carrier settings, update iPhone.
  8. If you wish to go ahead with the update then simply hit on update. Sometimes a carrier may release a mandatory update. This type of update will display only an OK button instead of an Update button.
  9. This indicates that the update was downloaded and installed.

The process of carrier settings update iPhone is very simple.  With the updates of iOS, every time your device will be automatically subsidized. No manual intervention will be required.

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