CES 2019 Will Not be Where the Launch of Galaxy S10 will Take Place

It is generally thought that Galaxy S10 will be released in 2019, more specifically at CES (January 8-11). This means that it will be almost two months earlier than the launch of this year, Galaxy S9. There seem to be little to no evidence regarding Samsung’s next move.

Note 9 and Galaxy S9+

Samsung’s overall revenue is increasing year by year, the fact that underlines how massive Note 9 and Galaxy S9+ will be, taking into account the estimated sales. So Samsung does not have a proper reason to hurry its timeline for a successor’s launch as the financials are still active. The Korean Company heads into the holiday quarter with the release of Galaxy Note 9 from 9th of August, and that will also have an impact on their sales.

As said by analysts, Galaxy S10 will probably be at CES 2019 but not for the public. Samsung and various partners might have private meetings about future and current products, an opportunity offered by such a show. Even though Galaxy S10 will be ready for purchase at the beginning of March or end of February, the devices will be manufactured in early January giving the company and time window in which they can meet with accessory makers and carriers.

Release date, features, price, specs – All below about Samsung Galaxy Note 9

According to public announcements, forthcoming Galaxy X might be mentioned at CES. Rumors say that Samsung, in some capacity, will show off with the new Galaxy X on CES’ stage.

This event is not a right occasion for a mainstream phone to be launched and it is too early.

What gives CES its reputation is the fact that companies use to show off their new and innovative technology, show the future of their company and discuss strategy, not only presenting. It is not a show for full-fledged mass-market products but for prototypes. So, what will Galaxy S10 will do through futuristic prototypes that might not ever be on the market? Well, Samsung can command its space, full attention and time of a public and the media about a new launch because it is big enough.

No matter how surprising or exciting Galaxy S10 might be, do not get excited for CES because its launch is not that hard to predict. You better get ready for late-February.

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