Casino Update will Bring New Changes to Grand Theft Auto Online

In an official press release, Rockstar Games said that the new update and changes to Grand Theft Auto Online would happen shortly. The publisher, Rockstar Games took it to Twitter and wrote: “Opening soon: A luxury casino in the heart of Vinewood…” Moreover, Rockstar Games also released a new logo for its upcoming GTA Online Casino DLC Update.

The wait for Casino in GTA 5/Online universe is finally over

Six years ago, Rockstar Games released the fifth instalment of their popular and critically acclaimed game, GTA.

The publisher has been assuring the players that a casino would open soon in GTA V. Unfortunately, no developments related to the Casino update has shed light. The fans, on the other hand, have been trolling each other with memes concerning the GTA V/Online casino. After a long haul, during the E3 2019 event, the developers removed the sign before the Casino stating, “opening soon” and placed a few things at the Casino’s entrance.

Even now, the players can find three green-colored portable toilets on the left side of the Casino. At the entrance of the Casino, there are a couple of generators, concretes, lights, electric yellow wire cables. The developer also placed a few more 2/4 planks in front of the Casino. It is safe to say that after six years, GTA finally constructed a Casino where players can gamble.

According to the sources, Rockstar has updated the background script for setting up the dates that will introduce changes to the Casino. Speculation suggests that as the days progress, there will be some notable changes made around the Casino’s surrounding.

How soon will GTAO “Casino” DLC release?

While writing this, Rockstar, the publisher has not yet acknowledged the changes that came into existence around Casino. So providing the plans with a release date is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

The publisher has a habit of dropping new contents regarding the updates every Thursday. Furthermore, Rockstar has been dropping the contents each Thursday in the past few weeks. There is a highly likely chance that Rockstar might release the new DLC next week or in a month’s time. Notably, Rockstar never takes more than four to five months to drop a new segment in the game.

Rockstar’s latest open-world western video game, Red Dead Redemption 2 has kept the studio busy for almost a year now. Red Dead Redemption 2 might be the reason why introducing Casino in GTA is taking a long time. Fans are sure that casino DLC will release in late June or early July.

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