How To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Do you have Amazon Prime Membership and want to end it right now? Well, then you are on the right page as this article explains that in detail so that Amazon Prime members can end their membership in case they are not satisfied with the deal. But it is to mention that Amazon Prime is an outstanding deal that let you have access to various benefits such as Amazon video, instant music, kindle library and more apart from that most useful free two days and one-day shipping wherever possible. And, with all these, the membership is available for a minimal fee of $10.99/month or else $99/year.

If you want to end the membership, you can do it anytime. It is quite simple. Read on to know how to cancel Amazon Prime membership.

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Method To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

This is a step by step process. Just follow the steps below:

  • First, users are required to log into their Amazon prime account providing the needed details such as user id and password.
  • Next, move the mouse on the upper right corner that displays your name and then go ahead to select the option ‘your prime membership’ from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be then re-directed to the prime membership account page of yours which includes all the prime member’s benefits. The left-hand side of the page includes all your membership information while the below section will offer a button that says ‘End your Prime membership’. Select that.
  • Again you will be taken to a different page that includes various buttons such as ‘End now’, ‘End on some specific date’ and ‘keep current plan’. Now if you want your membership to end automatically at the starting of current billing period then select the option that has date indicating when the prime benefits will be ended. But, if you want to end the Amazon Prime membership right now, click on ‘End now’ button. This option will make you eligible for a refund based on the usage and time left. However, the third option ‘keep current plan’ will take you to the membership account page in case you want to choose something else. That’s it. Your Amazon Prime membership will be over.


Those who are under the Amazon Prime free trial period and want to end it before they are being automatically converted into the paid members, that is also possible and this is explained below.

Method to end Amazon prime free trial:

  • First, log into the Amazon prime account providing your user-id and password.
  • Next, select your prime membership from the drop-down menu by taking the mouse over your name at the upper right corner of the page.
  • A new page will open from where you need to click on the button ‘Do not continue’. That’s it.

Even though you chose not to continue the free trial, you will be eligible to enjoy the prime benefits till the end date of your free trial period and the date will be listed on the left-hand side of the Manage your prime membership page.

Note: Once you cancel the Amazon prime membership, your Amazon account is still there and you will be considered as a customer. So, in case you wish to sign up for prime membership again in future, you will not be entitled to enjoy the free trial as this is only for the first time subscribers.

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