Can you see who views your Instagram?

Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing app used by millions of people all around the globe. One of the questions users keep asking is can you see who views your Instagram. When it comes to the app, you won’t find any built-in feature that allows you to do this.

If you think about it, this would be a privacy issue, and if you think about it deeper, if that option existed, people wouldn’t probably use the app as much. Or, you can think about it this way. If other users could see that you visited their profile, would you do it anyway? Probably not. As it turns out, a little secrecy is a good thing.

Now, you may find so many apps in the App Store and Google Play Store that promise you will be able to see who views your Instagram profile. And while it may seem like a solution, keep in mind that things are not as they are described. The majority of these apps promise one thing and do something entirely different. And that other thing is data collection and tracking.

Of course, not all of the apps are fake, and there are some of the apps that can offer you a bit more insight into your Instagram. One of the apps you may consider getting is the app called FollowMeter that is available for Android and iOS users. But, this app won’t tell you anything about who viewed your profile recently. It will show you the users who are not following you even though you are following them, and it will also show you the ones who decided to unfollow you recently.

You will find many apps that will promise you exactly the thing you want, but let’s mention it one more time – the things you will see are most likely fake, and it all comes down to data tracking. Our suggestion would be to enjoy the secrecy and accept the fact that you don’t have to know just about everything.