Can you Professionally Track your Health with the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Can you Professionally Track your Health with the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

What we know at the moment about the Samsung Galaxy Watch is that it has a very good flexibility when it comes to focusing on specific parts of one’s health. Do you want to know how your heart beats? Check your Galaxy Watch. You don’t know how much you have left from your workout? Check your Galaxy Watch. You can control everything from your wrist and even track your meals if you want.

Since this kind of good tracker smartwatches came into the market, most people interested in their health or workout and jogging lovers thought that only an Apple Watch or a Fitbit would match their needs of information. Fitbit gives you the opportunity to compete with friends. It keeps you motivated by setting goals for you to achieve and it is a very good and compact fitness tracker. Apple got inspired by this good watch and decided to expand it, even more, offering users multiple daily goals to strike for even though those were not made based on their health benefits. Many other companies followed this example as the fitness lovers grew in numbers and Samsung is one of them.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is considered a shift in the methods Samsung uses to help you track your health. This shift includes a different kind of flexibility as you can now define your own specific goals based on what you want to achieve and what the Watch tracks can be controlled by you. You can choose if you only want to see how many calories you burn in a day instead of having your steps counted or see the moments you were active based on your heart rate. You can simply customize it based on your needs and desires. You can also keep track of how many glasses of water you drink a day, or maybe you want to see a full fitness dashboard of your life, Samsung Galaxy Watch offers you all these opportunities.

If you also do not want to have your fitness tracker announce you that it is time to do your exercise or that you have not drunk a glass of water in three hours, then you can turn that off. Galaxy Watch allows you to adjust these setting just the way you want or need them to be. Whether you want to control these aspects of your life from your phone or watch, it is just as easy either way.

Even though you might have gotten excited by this flexibility, every positive thing in life has its downsides too. If you are a super serious fitness buff, it might not take you long to notice that the Galaxy Watch does not have many popular fitness apps available. Samsung Health offers something for everything and that is a big advantage, but if you have previously used a favorite app, keep in mind that you might not be able to get it on the Galaxy Watch.

For example, Strava, a very popular cycling app, is not available on the Galaxy Watch but Samsung Health is very good at transferring data to this app after a bike ride. There is no difference to the information Strava gets on the Apple Watch and the one which is transferred from the Galaxy Watch’s Samsung Health. You can also leave your phone at home because Galaxy Watch has its own GPS radio and when you get back, you can share that information later.

For a fitness lover, such a gadget would be a great gift. Or maybe it can change someone’s life.



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