Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with Zombies Campaign and Battle Royale

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with Zombies Campaign and Battle Royale

Call of Duty is by far one of the biggest and most loved shooter games out there. The game has had a couple of installments over the years, each bringing new characters, new campaigns and new features to the game but it looks like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is by far their most ambitious game as of yet. Today we will be talking about some rumors that have been confirmed and new information about the game. We will tell you all that you need to know about the battle royale mode, the Zombies campaign, and many other things.

Multiplayer Battle Royale campaign

Battle Royale is all the rage now, and fans cannot get enough of it. For those that do not know, a battle royale is a multiplayer game mode where a set amount of players fight and have to take one another out until only one person is left and he or she is then declared the winner of the game. The creators of Black Ops 4 have stated that they will be making a battle royale mode for fans to play but that they will be doing it “the Black Ops way.”

So what can we expect? Well, we heard that the Blackout map where battle royale is going to be implemented would be the biggest one of the game series. IT will be 1,500 times bigger than the now iconic Nuketown map that fans spend hours playing on in Call of Duty.  The map will be symbolic for the whole franchise, containing the element, weapons, characters and even various locations from former Call of Duty games.

Blackout also has a couple of other features confirmed. We will have to bypass cleverly placed traps, and we may even get to fight zombies on the map as well. This map sounds like a whole universe in one place.

No Single player campaign

The game will not have a single player campaign. There it is, we did not want to hear it, and we think that you did not want to either but now it is out in the open and we can move on. This does not mean that there will be no single player activities for players that like to go through killing enemies alone, at their own pace. Among the single player activities, we will get to see a Zombie mode mission where the zombies will be controlled by AI bots.

There will also be single-player challenge mission where the person who plays the game will have the option to test just how good he or she is when she is put in a difficult situation, made to face against enemies with very little or have to kill them under a set amount of time. We do not know extra details about the single-player challenge missions as of yet, but we do expect them to follow specific patterns that we have seen in previous Call of Duty games as well.

The decision behind getting rid of the single-player campaign is based on facts. When the franchise first started only 10 percent of the players would face one another in multiplayer combat missions. However, today up to 90 percent of players face each other in multiplayer mode. The game industry is changing along with what fans want to see from new games, and right now multiplayer is all the rage.

Zombies campaign

When the Zombie campaign first got introduced people fell in love with it almost immediately. There is some underlined pleasure in having to kill an undead creature that is not capable of thought, but that could kill you very quickly if you let your guard down. It’s that hunter versus prey type of game where the roles could be reversed at any moment.

This is why Activision decided to explain what they have agreed to do with Zombies mode. Players that choose to go with the Zombies campaign will see their selves go through three different and unique maps. The three missions with three different maps (filled with zombies, might we add) are named IX, Voyage and Despair and the last one is Blood of the Dead. The Zombie campaign will come with a new group of characters and new enemies. Players will undoubtedly have fun with these new additions.

Some players on the map?

PUBG and Fortnite are games that people cannot stop playing, at least right now. And these two maps have large maps, but they only support 100 players at a time. Now, if the Blackout map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the biggest one ever recorded in all of the games in this series then how many players will be able to face one another on it? It looks like that has not been decided yet.

Right now the focus of the game rests on making sure that every little detail of the game is just right. Releasing a game only to hear a small while alter that fans complain about bugs and glitches is never a fun experience, so it is understandable that they are focusing on making sure that the game will be ready to be released by the deadline. Now… if we were to have more than 100 players on a map at one time that would easily shoot Call of Duty right to the top of the charts, eliminating the majority of its competition. Speaking of release dates, the game is supposed to come out on the 12th of October.

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