Bully 2 Gameplay leaked and is getting popular before launch

Bully 2 gameplay

Bully 2 has been leaked again and many people have started talking about it even before its launch. The titles of the game are still not announced. People have to spend time thinking about what the game will look like. A few leaks did come earlier and in the new leak, we find a screenshot leaking key information.

The first screenshot of the game was shown a few weeks ago and the new ones seem to be the screenshots of the same game. One of the screenshots shows a map along with some of its details. We can see some travel points. The look of the screenshot is the same as the one seen a few weeks ago as there are many things similar in both of them.

It is not sure whether Bully 2 will be the next game or GTA 6, which also belongs to Rockstar. Another thing that is confusing the users is whether the games have been developed for current versions of consoles or if they belong to the consoles of the next generation. The future consoles are PS5 and Xbox Scarlet.

The second screenshot shows a character that is standing in front of a gate of a building. The screenshot consists of a mini-map located at the bottom left along with an icon. A timer is available on the top-left of the screenshot. Both the screenshots are not clear but are blurred.

Bully 2 Leak

The fans of the game are eagerly waiting for the new version of the game. It has also been revealed that the screenshots are fake as an artist tried to make the design of the new game. Some other sources say that the game is in the testing phase and the screenshots have been leaked. Nobody knows in which phase the game is but it has been rumored that the game could be released in 2020

It has also been revealed that the screenshots are developed in an image editing software like Photoshop. There is no way of verifying whether the screenshots are real or fake. So it can be said that the screenshot may or may not belong to Bully 2 gameplay and people will have to wait till the real news of releasing of the game comes. The game may be released in the next year. Let us wait and watch for the announcement of the release date of the game by Rockstar.

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