Budget iPhone X Design – Satisfied or Disappointed About The Change?

If you are looking forward to putting your hands on a new iPhone, get ready because you have what to love about Apple’s new handsets. One of them is that one of their models are not only super exciting, but it is also super cheap. However, some bad news is that the specific budget model will not look like its expensive siblings.

Bad news

Ben Geskin, an Apple tipster, posted today a photo shoving all the front panels of Apple’s upcoming iPhone line-up. This new reveal confirms that you will pay for what you get.

To be more concise, Apple’s new budget iPhone X instead of being designed bezel-less just like its partners in the new series iPhone X Plus and iPhone X, you will notice thicker bezels in this model.  This will happen due to the company’s goal of cutting down costs so people on a budget who desire an iPhone will get it.

As mentioned above, Apple will launch the budget iPhone with an LCD panel instead of the OLED one because it is a lot cheaper,  but the other two, iPhone X Plus and iPhone X will have OLED panels. The difference between the LCD display and the OLED one is that the second one bends around to the back so the display connector will be hidden giving the result of tiny bezels, contrary to the LCD.

If the lack of an OLED is not upsetting you, the next detail will. The upcoming budget iPhone will just be called iPhone same to the entry-level MacBook and iPad. Furthermore, the model shown by Mac Otakara looks exactly like a toy iPhone compared to the expensive versions.

Good news

Do not get disappointed because we got some good news as well. In order for Apple to give the next iPhone such tiny bezels, they have made a cutting-edge partnership with Nichia, a Japanese manufacturer who will provide Apple with the new connector technology. If they will get any criticism, Apple will stick to the thicker bezel model purely to match the OLED models.

It is generally thought that the potential buyers will not be convinced to overpass such an opportunity to buy a budget iPhone just because it does not have an OLED panel. At least they will not pay $1000 for it!

But there is also the other category who got their cash ready for the amazing new generation of OLED iPhones.

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