How to Browse and Search the App Store Without iTunes

The Apple store has been considered by many as one of the best places to find apple apps for the apple devices. However, the apple store does not contain the best search algorithms. The iTunes does not usually have the advanced features for doing a search.

There are some websites, which will always help you search some of the best apps without having to use the iTunes.

App Store Without iTunes

Browse and Search the App Store Without iTunes

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The Fnd

In case you are interested at finding something specific Fnd will always be one of the best sites to use. This is how you will use Fnd to browse and search the app store without iTunes:

> First open the Fnd website and type in your search query, then tap on enter.

> The top three search results will be listed. In order to see more always tap on the tab category located above the search results.

> Each of the results will always have the name of the app in green and an application section like a social networking.

> When you click on the app name in the Fnd search, the listings of the apps and videos from YouTube related to the app will appear.

The Vionza

In case you are in search for a specific type of application, or you are interested to browse the store then use the Vionza. The following guideline will help you learn to browse and search the app store without iTunes using the Vionza:

> First, head straight to the Vionza’s iOS app store search page.

> Enter the name of the app in the search box and tap on enter.

> Adjust the range of the price by using the sliders and the rating range that you are interested in looking at.

> There are two headers located above the sliders. There is the Sort Apps By and the Device Type. You can always arrange your results by name, price and the rating.

> With Vionza, you can only search the App Store pages from the following five regions; Germany, Australia, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom.


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