Brand New Apple iPad Mini and a 10-Inch iPad To Hit the Markets in 2019

Apple might be all set to release its 5th generation iPad mini along with a revamped entry-level 10-inch iPad in early 2019. So far, this news is a rumor from several sources, but some say it is going to happen.

Sources who had access to insider information claimed that brand new models of iPad mini 5 are coming to the market during the first half of 2019, reports China Times. Apple is also releasing a revamped version of its sixth generation iPad with a slightly bigger panel of 10-inch. It is not specified whether this model would just look like the iPad Pro models of 2018.

A low priced iPad Mini 5 on the cards

This report was spotted by Mac Otakara (Japanese blog) which says that Apple is getting ready to release iPad mini 5 next year. This is a low-priced device according to the reports. This step is taken by Apple to stop the reduction in iPad sales. By the end of December, the mass production is expected to begin.

Since 2015, Apple has not updated its smallest iPad, but the device went through a price cut down in March 2017. In October 2018, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that it is working on a fresh version of the iPad mini with an advanced processor and a display panel of low-cost. This is expected to be a new low-cost 7.9-inch model. At this point, it is unknown if there will be any leading changes to the design of the device.

10-inch iPad on its way too!

According to other reports, another iPad is also planned to come out in 2019. It is going to be a revamped device by Apple. While being a low-priced device, it will have a bigger screen of ten inches with a narrower frame. This iPad is heavier, thicker and has only limited features compared to other models of iPad Pro. The best thing about this device is that it supports Apple Pencil and it is expected to be released in second half of 2019.

The latest report also says that Apple is planning to cut down on its production costs of two iPads by crunching down the amount of LED acquisition in Japan. It is planning to go for Korean made LED displays. Both the tablets have chances of going official next year between March and April.

Let’s hope the decision of releasing iPad Mini and 10-inch iPad together would be a wise move from Apple.

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