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Borderlands 3: News, Rumors and Release Date

Borderlands 3

The rumors about the release of Borderlands 3 have been around for some time. While it is known for keeping the status of the game a big secret, especially after the release and the massive success of its prequel Borderlands 2, the developer of the game, Gearbox, has maneuvered the attention of the people towards the short-lived Battleborn and the two spin-offs. Besides the only confirmation that the gamers can finally steer towards the next in the series, no one knows for sure what to expect in the game. The thing that hovers around is some sort of development in the looter and shooter series. When Walmart had put up brief information in its section of the new releases before E3, there was some hope about organizing the next press conference, but things turned out to be different.

Borderlands 3 Official release date

There is no official announcement about the exact release date of this game. However, a possible release date can be anticipated between the holiday of 2018 and fall of 2019. As no official confirmation has come yet about the release of the game, Gearbox is also keeping mum on a specific date of release. The publisher of the game, Take-Two, is eager to keep the release window between 2018 and 2019 according to a report released in March 2017. While keeping in mind the annual releases of Take-Two, it is indeed a strong contender for all of them.

The departure of Mike Neumann: the lead writer of the game

According to a report released in June 2017, the lead writer of the game, Mikey Neumann has resigned from Gearbox due to health complications. It is hard to predict what impact this resignation will have on the future of the game. No one knows how much of the story has been completed and no word has come out yet whether there is someone to take over the role of Newman.

Hint about the game

With the entire hullabaloo about the release of Borderlands 3, the absence of official information makes it particularly interesting. Certainly, it has not yet witnessed official gameplay or the release of any video though bits of the game are already out. Quite naturally, you can get a little more insight about the final appearance of the game and the characters in it from Unreal Engine 4. The CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, has shown a tech demo for the possibilities of the signature art style of Borderlands. The technology of the current generation has facilitated Gearbox to experiment with the objects lined in the thick black shade along with the characters in this series. Instead of the consistent approach of “line weight,” you can now expect a change in the game with a nuanced look. The advancements in the lighting technology along with the linework are enough to impress the gamers while viewing the character models. You can literally find the “ray of God” coming through the armpit of the characters and light shining through the objects to create a shadowy appearance on the ambience behind the characters. However, Pitchford was not ready to reveal the identity of one of the characters shown in the demo, while hinting that it might be seen in the final version of the game.

Borderlands 3 Gearbox

Location of Borderlands 3

Hopefully, Pandora is not going to be the location of the game, although you can get a glimpse of the plundered planet quite a few times while counting Borderlands. While it is hard to predict what the location is going to be in this new version, it seems feasible that the gamers are likely to visit the Vaults-dotting space which is a complete change from the scenery-based teasers that came during the conclusion of Borderlands 2. There are hints of a new world called Promethea discovered by the sleuths of Battleborn along with the hidden graffiti of the symbol of Vault. You will also notice uncanny audio patterns coming from the portal anomalies asking the listeners to come to Promethea along with the warnings of Patricia Tunis, the deranged scientist, researching to know more about the secret origin of Vault. A tweet that came recently from the official account of Borderlands helped in strengthening the status of Promethea, which is considered clear information about the game.

New Vault Hunters in the game

The inclusion of new characters is a basic aspect of Borderlands, primarily because the story of the game revolves around new heroes who are attracted to adventure and more so because the excited gamers love to see the appearance of new faces with the arrival of the new series. The characters included in the game are a ninja, a brawler, a siren, and a soldier. Although there was a change in the pre-sequel line up, Borderlands 3 is expected to return to the original formula of the game. Gearbox, the developer of the game might allow the players to choose their favorite characters such as Axton, Brick, Lilith, or Athena although it is not likely to happen in this version as well.

Borderlands 3 Rumors

New monster and planet

Apart from the characters of the game, Borderlands generally has a new vault and with every new vault, you have a new monster. If you consider the vault as the primary icon of the game, you have got to deal with the new monster as well. It seems that you will also witness the rise of a new planet with more combats over the vault. Just like Lilith showed a map with more vaults across the universe and in the pre-sequel, the alien tells her that the vault hunters need to stay together during the new war waged against them, it is only easy to predict that Borderlands 3 will have a new start with a new planet. When you consider the real-world factors, about three games have taken place in Pandora; so, it is likely that the latest version will move to new pastures.

Does Gearbox have anything to say about the game?

The studio is not yet ready to make any major announcements about the game as we move to the block of the summer convention, but that has not withheld the CEO, Randy Pitchford from slowly offering the updates about the progress of the game. In the Gearbox panel of PAX South 2015, the CEO opened a recruitment procedure for the development team of the game saying “We want to think about the future, and we want to think about what the next Borderlands is, and we’re going to need some help”.

Later, in the panel of 2016, Pitchford went on to say “obviously there’s going to be another Borderlands”. He did not stop mentioning the transfer of Scott Kester, the Director of Battleborn art into the team playing a similar role. Although changes in staff deployment are common for the large projects, this transfer synchronizes with the plan of Gearbox to focus on manpower for Borderlands 3. Another major preview that came about during the last year is a tweeted photo of him wearing a motion capture rig. The get-up for the shoot is likely to be of a psycho bandit in a video game, although no one is sure about it. As the psychos indicate the babbling poster mobs of the West of Borderlands, you must be sure that the third edition of the game will include more of these masked madmen.

Borderlands 3 News

Rumors about the game

Although there is no confirmation of Borderlands 3 being developed right now, there have been plenty of teasers coming in which makes us feel confident about the release of the game.

Leak on Walmart

Even though the official announcement of Borderlands 3 has not come yet, a recent leak on the page of Walmart Canada suggests that the game is not far off as it shows the retailer posting the pages of several unannounced games on its pages and you are pretty sure about the presence of Borderlands 3 on those pages. This is certainly the most exciting and enticing leak one can hear about this game, but it is hard to rule out that the pages may have been used as placeholders for some other releases. Gearbox has not yet commented on the leak, so for now, you need to take it with a pinch of salt. Do not expect to hear anything about the game until E3.

Exclusive marketing rights

The rumors have it that Microsoft will have the entire marketing rights of the game although this does not imply that it is going to be platform-exclusive; just a subtle emphasis on the advertising campaigns of Xbox One. However, what appears really interesting is that the official announcement is still pending so if there is even the slightest truth in this statement, we can expect the announcement of the game in E3 2018. The Gearbox boss, Randy Pitchford has already stated that these statements are false with no real basis.

Rumors on Reddit

However, a recent rumor on Reddit suggests that the release of Borderlands 3 is due soon. Although the image appears suspicious, the date mentioned for the announcement of the game coincides with the day of the press conference of Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3. Although there is no chance of something being revealed about the press conference of Bethesda, Microsoft is a remote possibility. It is better to take this news as rumor right now.

Ray of hope

During a recent press conference of Take-Two, which is the parent company of the publisher of Borderlands, the fans of this game were given some hope. Following the delay in the release of another game, Take-Two is confident that 2019 is going to see the launch of a game which is highly anticipated and comes with a new title and is certainly one from the biggest franchises of 2K. However, it was not said whether the new title is going to be Borderlands 3.

More light on the release of the game

A recent interaction between Randy Pitchford and Elon Musk has thrown a little more light on the rumor that a new game is being developed, even though it is still under the covers. During the PAX West of 2017, Pitchford announced that a major part of the team is working on the thing that the audiences expect from them. This is quite a good hint keeping in mind that the boss acknowledged the development of the game in front of a large audience.

Interview with IGN

During the same time of the release of the teaser of PAX West 2017, Pitchford also participated in another interview where he made very clear that another version of the Borderlands game is to be made, and it would be a sequel instead of the pre-sequel spin-off.

According to Pitchford, the next game of Gearbox is certainly going to take a very big leap for the franchise and if they are going to make it, it is going to be the one that people expect from them. If you have to believe in the certainty of the statement, you can be pretty sure about the release of the game.

Presentation of GDC

Before all this, Pitchford entered the stage during the GDC presentation in March 2017 in which he showed a new technology that they may use in the future games of Gearbox. He went on to state that the footage shown is not from a video but reminds one of Borderlands. Pitchford said that the new technology has the ability to simulate physics depending on the properties of the planet. He specifically stated that physics might be different in the new game with different positions of the sun and moon when compared to what the gamers have seen in Pandora. Is this not enough to let the people know about the making of Borderlands 3 and suggest that we might have more to watch and explore when it comes to the settings of the new version of the game.

Kind of loot to expect

You can expect an array of those wacky weapons and the peculiar effects while witnessing the gun coming out of the laboratory of the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. While releasing the Boring Company Flamethrower for sale as a reward for a community, the CEO of Gearbox Randy Pitchford got in contact with Musk to check if the guns can be used in the next game of Borderlands and he immediately agreed to the proposal. Therefore, you have the Boring Company Flamethrower is one of the first weapons of this game.

Borderlands 3 Release date

Bottom line

While the rumor mills continue to do the rounds, no one is sure whether the development of the game has gone through any kind of struggle. However, the decision to stay silent about the exact release date of the game is a matter of concern. If you consider the sources and the news of the rumors to be true, there is a fair chance that the official announcement of the game will come about in a conference during this year. Although a lot is still to be known about the game, you can keep your fingers crossed for now until the major official announcement.

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