BMW To Show AirTouch, A Contactless Touchscreen At CES 2016

BMW is planning to demonstrate a contactless touchscreen user interface on their Vision Car interior at CES Las Vegas 2016 according to their official website, bmwgroup. They call this technology with AirTouch that allows the display in a car to be operated like a touchscreen without actually having to make contact with the surface, and will only use the simple gestures made with a flat hand. These user interface, display, and software are expected to help the driver or the passenger  not only in more effective navigating, but also in terms of entertainment and communication.

BMW to Shows AirTouch, a Contactless Touchscreen at CES 2016

The AirTouch technology is the improvement of BMW Gesture Control in the new BMW 7 series. Previously, the Gesture Control was used to adjusting the loudness or accepting phone calls with simple movements of a finger. On the AirTouch, the new sensors are installed in the area of the instrument dashboard which respond to hand movements, so that the sensor will recognize the three-dimensional control. A movement of the hand or a gesture activates the surfaces on the large panorama display. To confirm the action we choose, they provide a concealed AirTouch button is located on the rim of the steering wheel for the driver and on the side sill in the door for the other passenger.

At this point, there is no additional information about the software interface, Internet connectivity, and which BMW series will adopt this technology. Everything will be revealed at CES Las Vegas event in January 2016.


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