Blood Sugar Monitoring Feature Could Likely be Included in Apple Watch 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/Watch Active 3

Many times, a new technology comes into the market but it takes a lot more time to develop properly and be accessible to most consumers. Blood Glucose Monitoring is one such technology. If you want to manage a particular medical condition you are going through, you need to keep checking your blood glucose level at regular intervals. Most people use devices like glucometers to check the level of sugar in their bodies. These devices take a small amount of blood from your body, usually with the help of a fingertip, as a sample.

Have you ever wondered how would it be if something like your watch could help you do what a glucometer does? Well, as it turns out, scientists and tech experts did think about it and therefore, a technology like Blood Sugar Monitoring came into being. A recent report published by the Korea based outlet ET News states that Samsung and Apple will be two of the first companies to integrate this relatively new technology on their smartwatches.

According to the report, both Apple and Samsung will introduce this technology to their users through their next-generation smartwatches. While Samsung will implement this technology in its Galaxy Watch 4/Watch Active 3, Apple will integrate it in Apple Watch 7. The glucometer that will be integrated inside these smartwatches, will reportedly function with the help of an optical sensor.

A few weeks back, a company named Quantum Operation gave a glimpse of its Spectrometer-based prototype whose functioning is dependent on the way light interacts with the wrist. Along with smaller and mid-range players, several major companies like Apple were also working towards exploring this technology and figuring out a way to implement it in their products.

The report also claims that both Samsung and Apple have secured a patent for their respective products and are trying to find ways to make them as consumer-friendly as possible. While Apple secured the patent in the year 2018, Samsung joined hands with MIT to publish the findings of Raman’s Spectroscopy in the journal ‘Science Advances’.

If this new technology proves to reliable, it can save diabetic patients from the hassle of pricking their fingers with needles to check their sugar levels. When you point the laser on a material, it gets scattered. The dissenting wavelengths could prove to be helpful in monitoring the Blood Glucose level with more accuracy.

Smaller companies have worked on dissecting this technology for a long period of time but couldn’t really make much progress in this direction. Apart from prototypes, they couldn’t come up with anything that could throw some light on how it could be integrated with electronic devices. This technology is expected to be introduced by the two giants sometime this year. Samsung is planning to introduce three new smartwatches towards the latter half of 2021. Two of those are expected to have the Blood Sugar Monitoring Feature.

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