BlackBerry Z10 Review 2014 all you need to know

BlackBerry Z10 has just come into the market with a new operating system, BlackBerry 10. This phone was launched in January 2014. This is the first phone of new BlackBerry 10 operating system. Although most of the BlackBerry phones are designed with QWERTY keyboard, this time BlackBerry Z10 is designed with exclusive all touch facilities. Frankly, you are going to get a new type of taste in the arena of Smartphone through this BlackBerry Z10 phone. There are few similarities between this phone and iPhone 5. Actually, it has more visual similarities than the physical similarities. We also took some time to write this review so that we could be familiar with all the updated versions of this phone. And, the summary is, this phone has brought a revolution with a total attractive shape and 4G facilities. A comprehensive review of the Blackberry z10 is found below.

BlackBerry Z10 review 2014

Main features of this phone:

There are lots of attractive features in this phone, and here we are going to describe them one by one.


BlackBerry Z10 Review 2014

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Maybe this is the main attraction of this phone, at least I think so. This straightforward rectangular shaped phone is designed with curved-corners, which will attract you the most. Moreover, this phone will not make you feel boring or cheap. The backside is designed in such a way so that you can get an excellent grip and feel good to hold.


BlackBerry Z10 Review 2014

This phone has 4.2-inches and 12801×768 displays with 355 PPI. Although it is not the best display, surely it is excellent with color viewing and reproduction angles. Moreover, the display is designed with sun-visibility, so, those users don’t need to face any problem with reflectivity. For the first time, BlackBerry has introduced touch screen in this model instead of a physical button. To be frank, we must say that this phone has a superb touch screen response.


BlackBerry Z10 Review 2014

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BlackBerry Z10 has brought Full-HD video recording capability with a rear camera of 8-megapixel. Are you worried about the camera UI? They didn’t keep any click button on the screen, so, you can take the picture by clicking anyplace on the screen. A rectangular focus point is also available in the camera. Even if you want, you can click pictures by pressing the volume button.

Software /UI:

BlackBerry Z10 Review 2014

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Although BlackBerry Z10 has been launched with new BlackBerry Operating System, if you are already a BlackBerry user, then it is simple for you to update the Operating System easily. All types of browsing software and gaming facilities are available in this new OS.

BlackBerry Z10 Review 2014 all you need to know


Here goes few technical configuration of this phone.

  1. 1.5 GHz processor
  2. 2-megapixel front camera
  3. 768×1280 pixels resolution
  4. 16GB internal storage
  5. 2GB RAM
  6. BlackBerry OS 10 Operating System
  7. 1800 mAh Battery capacity


Pros of the Blackberry z10:

  • A completely new design from the front and it is different from other Smartphone.
  • The display is not so big like other Smartphone of Samsung S3/S5.
  • It is stylish, clean and simple with rounded corners and straight edges.
  • Full-HD video players with easily forward and backward option.
  • A loud inbuilt speaker for playing music and video.
  • The front camera is 2-megapixel with 720p video capture capability.
  • You don’t need to shut down the phone to change the SIM card as the SIM card box is placed beside the battery.
  • An easy functional layout to handle the phone easily.


Cons of the blackberry z 10:

There are few negative sides of this phone too. Here, I have just tried to mark some of the negative sides of this phone.

  • The image quality is good but not so good as iPhone 5 or Lumia 920.
  • In low-light conditions, you will not get high-quality images
  • Followed by a common design for removable batteries, micro SD and micro SIM card slots. So, there is nothing new in internal design.
  • Although 1, 800mAh battery is available for this phone, but still it will last one day only as like some other Smartphones.
  • Lack of application
  • The plastic case is not so much attractive and premium designed.

Now when it is about Blackberry Z10 review 2014, simply it is mixed. The traditional BlackBerry users are really happy with this new OS of BlackBerry Z10 but still, there are few problems in this OS. Still, it is a good starting for BlackBerry series.

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