BlackBerry KeyTwo Images Leak the Design of the Phone – New Features and Release Date

BlackBerry KeyTwo Images Leak the Design of the Phone – New Features and Release Date

It would not be unfair to say that BlackBerry seems to have been shying away from the spotlight recently. Indeed, it looks like the company decided to step down and regroup after the major success of their very first BlackBerry phones. This is not to say that that the company has not managed to release other phones after this period but sadly they did not manage to steal the spotlight.

However, recent pictures that have been leaked on TENAA give us more information about this device. Now we have a better view of how BlackBerry decided to tackle the design of the phone, including whether or not they decided to keep the headphone jack, the slots for a microSD and the SIM card and perhaps one of the most important things – the release date; we will take a closer look at all of these before mentioned features.

Model number and codename

From what we managed to find out, the codename for BlackBerry KeyTwo is Athena and the model number is BBF100-4. We would be interested in finding out the significance of the codename Athena but we may have to wait a bit until we get our answer. When it comes to the model number all that we can say is that it is awfully similar to the one the KeyOne had, BBB100-X.

Phone design similar to KeyOne

From the pictures that have been leaked, we saw that the design for KeyTwo does bear a number of close resemblances to the design on KeyOne. We are not saying they are the same but if there was ever a moment in the mobile industry where a phone company did not have anything new to add to their phone design, this would be it.

When it comes to the front of the phone, the BlackBerry KeyTwo features a display and on the bottom side of the screen, we can see a keyboard, one of the staples that made BlackBerry so different a couple of years ago.

Keyboard reinvented?

There is not a lot to say when it comes to the keyboard; it looks almost the same as the one on the KeyOne did. However, BlackBerry did tweak it a bit. What did they change? Well, the keys appear to be flatter and similar design wise to the BlackBerry Passport keys.

We have also seen a new button placed on the bottom right of the phone which could link to some sort of app grid, however, we are not certain that that would be its true purpose. Another new thing that has been changed is that the BlackBerry logo is no longer present on the spacebar. Moreover, the phone has a 3:2 aspect ratio and we can see that the USB port is a type-C one.

Back-end design

Now, on the back end of the phone, we can see that the company did decide to tweak the cameras a bit, introducing dual ones, something that we have now come to expect on almost every new phone that gets released.

Now, BlackBerry was never a worthy contender when it came to smartphone photographs but maybe that will all change with these new cameras that they have introduced. Moreover, besides the dual cameras, we can see a single flash. The rubber-like pattern on the back of the phone seems to extend to the top.

SIM and SD card slot placement

There is not a lot to say about this, only the fact that BlackBerry decided to move them on the left side of the phone. Could this have been purely for aesthetic reasons or is there something that the company is hiding away from us? We will have to find out.

The 3.5mm headphone jack

For some people, this could be the best news out of everything that we have reported on. BlackBerry has decided to keep the headphone jack for the KeyTwo.

Users have different opinions when it comes to the headphone jack, with some saying that it is by now part of an outdated design and that wireless headphones are part of the innovation while other believe that normal headphones are just as good. BlackBerry looks like it is listening to headphone fans by deciding to keep the headphone jack.

The problem with BlackBerry

The thing with BlackBerry that seems to set it apart from other phone companies is that it is sticking to the hardcore BlackBerry fans that it has without deciding to branch out and adopt more popular smartphone styles and designs that the biggest part of customers wants to buy.

Their KeyTwo design could turn casual smartphone users away since most people have stopped wanting to have a real keyboard on their phones a couple of years ago back when the first smartphones were making their debuts. It remains to be seen whether this attitude that BlackBerry has will pay out or not in the end.

Release date

No lengthy description and phone analysis are ever complete without talking about the release date. Since BlackBerry Mobile has finally decided to open on the Chinese phone market, there is a rumor going around that the release date for the BlackBerry KeyTwo could be sometime this June.

However, it remains to be seen if the release date will truly happen then or if BlackBerry will push it back in order to work more on BlackBerry KeyTwo. Nevertheless, we cannot wait to get our hands on this device and test it out.

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