Blackberry Key2 Release Date Confirmed – Will You Buy It?

Blackberry Key2 Release Date Confirmed – Will You Buy It?

In an era of technology where each company is trying to outdo one another by releasing smartphones that have hardware and design features that get better year after year, people may have forgotten about Blackberry. If you look at all the options on the market when it comes to smartphones, you will see a design that is almost the same. What differs? The size of the phone, the cameras and some bits of hardware. Nevertheless, it is all somewhat the same if you look at it through a broad lens.

Despite this, Blackberry decided to still cater to those few people that still want to have a keyboard on their phones. And that is not a bad thing. Last year the company launched Blackberry Key1 which got mixed reviews from users and this year they are launching the Kew2. When will that happen? Read on to find out.

Problems with Key1

When Key1 was launched in April of last year, people were underwhelmed with it. They found that trying to type with just one hand on the phone was incredibly difficult. They also said that the speakers lacked the quality that by now we have come to expect from most phones. However, the company dubbed the release a success even if they barely sold a million copies of the phone. Will people come and buy the Key2 once they heard about its specs or will we see something similar to the situation of last year take place? We will have to wait and see what will happen after the launch.

Launch Date

The company has announced that the phone will be launched at an event in New York, which will happen at 10 AM on the 7th of June. This was done through Twitter, where Blackberry posted an image. On in, the words “An Icon Reborn” can be seen in big, bold letters and under these words, we can make out the time, the date and the place of the event.

Blackberry Device on TENAA

This device was spotted there only recently. While we did not see a name for it, its design suggested that it could be the successor of the Key1. The image shows that the phone will look almost the same as the Key1 but there some small changes that have been done. It has a glossier keyboard with a rear panel made out of rubber. It will have the same 3:2 display ratio. For all you headphone jack fans out there that are wondering whether Blackberry will go the Apple way and remove it, we would like to tell you that no, that is not happening. The phone comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and also a USB Type-C port.

What is surprising about the Blackberry Key2 is that we see a dual camera setup on the back. So, if the image is a reflection of reality, then the Key2 will become the first smartphone created by Blackberry to support this design. Sadly, we do not know the MP of these two cameras and if they include any new interesting features meant to make the experience of taking pictures better. That remains to be seen.

Blackberry Key2: Hardware Information

As per always, we found it hard to uncover anything related to this online since there barely is anything there. However, we found ourselves lucky to discover that a device with model number QUALCOMM BBF100-1 has been spotted on Geekbench. Why is this relevant? Well, the model number for the Key1 was BBB100-X. So the consensus is that the one found on Geekbench may very well be Blackberry Key2.

The listing tells us that the phone is going to come equipped with the Snapdragon 660 SoC. It will have 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. All of this is on par with what we are seeing being released this year from a host of other companies so we cannot say that Blackberry has decided to shy away from designing a phone that will perform well.

Moreover, it is said that the phone will come with Android 8.1 Oreo straight out of the box and that the company will be providing three years of continuous security and software updates. This is something that almost every other phone company is doing, but we will have to see what we will get with those updates.

Blackberry Key2: Doomed to Fail or Success?

From what we have seen thus far, we are wondering if the Key2 will be a success or if it will pale in comparison to other phones. After all, most companies go with the principle that if something works and people want to buy it then why change it. This could be a good explanation for the top-notch design that is now so incredibly popular.

However, if Blackberry wants to cater to the small group of people that still want to use a keyboard that is part of the phone and not included in the software, then they must be careful to offer them something that they can rely on. Hopefully, the complaints that surfaced last year from people saying that they had a hard time typing on their phones was one of the reasons for the different look of the keyboard on the Key2. Until the 7th of June rolls around, we will just have to wait. Perhaps something new will surface online until then but what else could we see? Is there a secret that Blackberry is keeping from us?

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