Black Ops III to Introduce New Playlists and a Snowy Map

It seems that Black Ops III is getting some new content, and it is returning to Treyarch’s 2015 title, which, if you’re asking us, is a good thing. A report from the 5th of March has included a snowy weather for the Redwood map, and the expansion of the known Infected game mode, which ended up to be accessible for playing on the 6th of March.

What was the whole postponing thing?

The third part of the Black Ops series had some problems over time, regarding a postponing. There has been a huge amount of post-launch content included in the supply drops, but there’s still a lot of weapons and tools to gather. Black Ops III likewise keeps up a truly dynamic player base.

About the playlist and the snowy map…

As of March 6, 48 % of the player base is getting a charge out of the new playlists, that comes together with the Infected and the new Redwood snowy map. Going around and infecting individuals can be really funny, however, numerous players are asking why is this happening now. Apparently, there’s been a request for the Infected mode to be included to Call of Duty: WWII, so it’s intriguing to see the mode coming now in a game that is more than two years of age.

About Infected…

In Infected, one arbitrary player brings forth as the infected person and should slaughter different players to contaminate them. Once killed, players respawn as contaminated, and they work to wipe out the other group, who must work to remain alive until the point that the time runs out. The quick development of the Black Ops III game certainly works extremely well here.

Redwood Snow has an indistinguishable design from the first Redwood, however now it’s fundamentally similar to jetpacking around a frozen forest, which has started an Easter egg chase inside the community: The Frozen Forest was a substantial subject when it came to the Black Ops III campaign, and some YouTuber users are looking for hints on Redwood Snow that may prod Treyarch’s up and coming title, which Kotaku’s journalist Jason Schreier affirmed yesterday is the fourth Black Ops.

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