Black Ops 4 Rips a Page Out of Overwatch’s Book – Specialist Classes, Skills Synergy and Manual Healing

The last Call of Duty took us to World War 2, but the new title is going to be more modern. Black Ops 4 has been recently unveiled and to everyone’s surprise, the game has been transformed into a classic 5v5 team based match. Black Ops 4 will still be a fast-paced action shooter like its predecessors, but now players will have some other things to keep in mind such as healing themselves and sharing intel with their teammates.

Black Ops 4 Borrows from Overwatch

What’s interesting about the new Black Ops 4 is that it looks similar to Overwatch and we’re not talking about design. It seems like the folks who are in charge of Black Ops 4 decided to rip a page out of Overwatch’s book and include special abilities which players can use to synergize in order to dominate their foes.

Manual Healing

As previously mentioned, all Black Ops titles are renowned for being fast-paced and even though Black Ops 4 is going to stick with that style, the combat will still be slowed down a bit because of manual healing. Player health is not going to automatically regenerate like it used to do in Call of Duty 2 and players will have to rely on stimpacks instead.

Players need to inject these stimpacks into their arm in order to heal up and the interesting thing about them is that players are not allowed to shoot while healing. Therefore, the new healing system is going to slow down combat and the way players approach different combat scenarios.

Specialists Classes

The biggest change that Black Ops fans are going to notice in the new game is that there are specialists classes. Just like in Overwatch, there can be only one type of specialist per team and this is a good thing because it forces players to strategize more.

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