Bezel-less Smartphone Is Likely To Become A Trend Of 2017

Back in 2007, the first iPhone was launched and it changed the smartphone world with its innovative design. Ever since that time, many vendors using iPhone as a reference for their smartphones. Apple used to lead the other vendors in terms of devices. After iPhone, people were also amazed by Apple’s first tablet: the iPad.

Unfortunately, Apple seems to be losing its charm year-by-year. The iPhone has no significant changes in terms of design. When it comes to technologies, they also somehow one step behind its competitors.

This year Apple should redesign the next gen of their iPhone, otherwise, they will probably meet the market saturation. According to the rumors about iPhone 8 (iPhone 10 or iPhone X) many sources believe Apple will launch their next iPhone with the new design. Although, up to this point, there is no clear leaked picture to serve as a clue of iPhone’s new design. However, many designers show us some interesting bezel-less and edge-to-edge designs of iPhone 8. Moreover, the analysts believe Apple’s next iPhone gen will finally adopt an OLED technology. It means that bezel and border-free iPhone design is possible to happen. Besides, the U.S Patent and Trademark Office has granted the new patent to Apple that described a device with a display “that may occupy the entire front face”.

It’s going to be an Interesting competition in 2017

Regarding a bezel-less design for a smartphone, it is not too surprising. Last year, Xiaomi launched their bezel-less flagship phone, called Mi Mix.

This year, Apple has to compete with LG and its biggest rival, Samsung in terms of bezel-less design. Since Samsung delayed the launch of their Galaxy S8, LG is going to be the first one launching the bezel-less smartphone in 2017 through Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26. In their press invitation, they revealed LG G6 design picture with the tagline “Big Screen That Fits”.

Interestingly, before LG released their G6 official teaser, Samsung shared the Galaxy S8 video. Even though the video didn’t show Samsung S8 explicitly, it indicated their main focus. It shows that Samsung’s AMOLED is better than the other displays and in the end of the video, they displayed a smartphone with bezel-less design on both sides.


The other vendors who might be interested in joining this bezel-less design competition are Vivo, Oppo, and Lenovo. They reportedly will also release flagships with bezel-less approaches.

A bezel-less design of smartphone will give it, a beautiful appearance. Furthermore, it gives a bigger content space for users. However, they should consider bringing a new Software approaches to be able to utilize the extra space.

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