Bezel-free iPhone 8 Should Be More Than Just A Design

When we saw the iPhone for the first time in 2007, we were amazed by its display. I thought it was the best display in the market. Its touchscreen responsivity made the other smartphone users envy. At that moment,no other smartphone had the touchscreen as great as the iPhone. That’s why iPhone popularity increased significantly.

iPhone 8 With Bezel Free - Should Be More Than Just A Design


Again, on its 4th gen, iPhone made the other smartphones owners envy because of its retina display. Released in 2010, iPhone 4 with retina display was a smartphone with the biggest pixel density (up to 326 ppi).

iPhone 8 With Bezel Free - Should Be More Than Just A Design


Apple always tries to keep iPhone as a smartphone with the latest technology. Unfortunately, since iPhone 4 with retina display technology, Apple didn’t bring any new surprises on iPhone until iPhone 6. It seems Apple changed their strategy on iPhone 6 by introducing retina HD which has pixel density up to 401 on its Plus model only.

Every year, Apple focuses on display improvements, such as the colour gamut and brightness. There were no other surprises related the display until iPhone 7 was released, while the other has adopted LCD technology, highest pixel density, better colour, etc. Some of them even have curved LCD display, bezel-less, and bezel free.

I think iPhone has lost its appeal now. Some vendors even mocked iPhone’s LCD. The display to body ratio on iPhone is quite big, while the other smartphones have the smaller one to make it more compact. What about the next iPhone 8 design? Will it be the same?

iPhone 8 with bezel-free

According to the recent rumour, Apple will redesign one of their iPhone 8 versions regarding LCD display. This news came from KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo. Apple will probably adopt bezel-free display on iPhone 8. They will use the flexible 5.8-inch OLED display with 5.1 – 5.2 inches of active display area. If it is going to be true, iPhone will have a brand new LCD display.

iPhone 8 With Bezel Free - Should Be More Than Just A Design


Will it be more than just a pretty looks?

The curved or bezel-less design has been adopted by the other smartphones since 2015. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the first one that adopted this design. They utilise the excess length of LCD as the shortcut to certain app or content. Smartphones that are with bezel-free have been launched to the market as well. For instance, Xiaomi Mi Mix. Will it be more than pretty looks?



iPhone 8 With Bezel Free - Should Be More Than Just A Design

iPhone 8 With Bezel Free - Should Be More Than Just A Design


There are many challenges that need to be solved by Apple in terms of bezel-free. They need to ensure it’s not for beautiful design only but for usefulness as well. Therefore, they should make sure:

  • The content on display won’t be disturbed by our fingers
  • The apps can utilise the display access
  • Apple also need to ensure the display quality is scratch resistant because some parts of display will not be covered by screen protector.

If Apple can pass those challenges, I think this new design can be attractive and surprise iPhone fans and the other smartphone users.

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