Heading out for college soon? With the current scenario of the education system, the need of computer or tablet is inevitable. With the advanced modes of study, both, the school-going as well as the college students are in need of a computer system. So why not gift them one of the best tablets for college students? The scholars usually require a lightweight, multi-functional and easily portable tablet for themselves. Therefore, by keeping in mind their specific requirements, you must go out on a searching spree for the best tablet for a college student. To ease out your search, we have filtered our list to present you with some of the best tablets for college students.

List Of Best Tablets For College Students

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7Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch:

When you would blend your iPad Pro with Apple’s Smart Keyboard, you forget the fact that it is not a laptop rather a tablet. The Apple iPad Pro is partly a tablet, a laptop, media storing devices as well as a camera. This sounds just perfect for the young hearts who would start their college journey. The iPad comes with 2.26 GHz Dual-core 64-bit A9X Chip. It also sports a Quad-Core Graphics and 4 GB of RAM with plenty of power supply to the college students who are in constant need of longer power. The iPad also comes with an undying 10 hours of continuous battery life along with cellular model and Wi-Fi connectivity to give your overall experience a boost.

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6Google Pixel C:

This can be considered to be the best tablet for college students in terms of note-taking and work on multiple activities. It might be on the expensive side. However, the array of functionalities would make you go an extra mile. The best features include its super light-weight and multi-functionality that makes it the best tablet ever for the students. Google Pixel C is compact and slim and can be highly portable to carry from one class to the other for taking effective notes with much ease. In addition to this, the tablet is also equipped with good sound quality, connectivity, battery life and can be a boon for the ardent readers and music lovers.

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5Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

This is another great model of the best tablet for college students. It can functional well for the textbooks in addition to the ease of drawing and sketching. The tablet features a large screen of 12.3 inches that comes with low glare and high contrast. This can be considered perfect for the eyes of the young students who have to sit and work on their tablets for longer periods. The battery life is also good that can last for 9 hours at a stretch that is one of the main prerequisites of the young scholars. The Microsoft Surface Pro is the ideal tablet for the college students as well as for the professionals and for personal use.

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4Asus Transformer Book Flip:

Wish to add class to your tablet design? You can go for the Transformer Book Flip model by Asus. This tablet is sleek and affordable. This tablet model is a 2-in-1 laptop. Therefore, it functions well both as a laptop and a keyboard. The Transformer model by Asus features Windows 10 and Bluetooth. It comes with a 4 GB of RAM and around 64 GB of internal storage. This storage capacity is almost grand for the college students. Even the battery life is great of around 11 hours keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the students.

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3Toshiba Encore:

This is another in the list of the best tablet for college students. It is highly light-weight and greatly affordable. The screen has 10.1 inches and the pixel resolution is 1280 X 800. There is 2 GB RAM storage with as much as 64 GB internal storage. This is sufficient for the college students. The best feature of the tablet is that it comes with both, the front as well as the rear camera and also features a GPS technology. The tablet is powered by the Quadcore Atom by Intel. The Toshiba Encore can be regarded as one of the best lightweight tablets for the young students.

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2Acer Iconia Tab 10:

If you are on a budget, then this model of the tablet by Acer can be the perfect one for you. You can accomplish almost anything on this tablet as you can on a laptop. There is a 2 GB of RAM and an 8-inch screen with smooth and beautiful features. The battery life is also quite good There is 16 GB of internal storage that can be expanded. However, based on the academic needs, 16 GB would be great for the students.

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1Lenovo Yoga Tab 3:

One of the most stylish and sleek designs of the modern age tablets for the students is the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3. If you are a study freak, then this tablet can help you accomplish almost anything. There is a great element of fun too as it offers versatile features to the bright students. The tablet is super lightweight and comes with an 8-inch screen. The tablet also includes a rotatable camera that can make your photography session quite fun and exhilarating. In addition to this, the so-called “yoga” posture of the tablet can make you use it any way you want. Therefore, the students can be convinced of great portability with the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 model.

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Are you a student and wish to buy yourself the best tablet of the year? You can go through our tailor-made list of the top best tablets for students to make it easier for you to pursue your college education. We have made this list after a thorough study of the specific needs and requirements of the college as well as the school students. With high-tech and affordable range of the most innovative tablets, the students can simplify their life to a greater extent.

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