Top Best Pet Trackers To Buy In 2019

Owning a pet is one of the most fulfilling experiences of one’s life. It is almost like welcoming a new family member to the home. Owing to this reason, if by chance, the pet gets lost, then it could be a heart-wrenching experience. However, with the advancement in technology, there are various technical gadgets and applications that might help you in tracing your lost pet.

The best solution that is available is locating lost pets with an efficient pet tracking technology involving the use of GPS locators and pet trackers. You can find a myriad of pet trackers in the technical market that offers great quality and sophistication. You can choose the best pet trackers depending on the pet you have and your budget. If you are unaware of the same, here is a list of the best pet trackers in 2019.

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Best Pet Trackers In 2019


Top Best Pet Trackers To Buy In 2019 2

Whistle is the latest and the most advanced version of the pet trackers in 2019. Designed by the company named New Deal Design (also known for designing the Fitbit Flex), the device offers excellent GPS tracking through its gadgets. You can buy the Whistle band that can track your pet easily and also ensures the overall wellness of your pet.

The unit offered by Whistle is minimal and highly portable. It can be easily fit to any collar band that is more than 1-inch in width. You can connect the Whistle gadget on your smartphone through its app. This would keep the track of all your pet’s activities while you are away. As far as the GPS factor of this gadget is concerned, the users can obtain the real-time location of the pet. The battery of this gadget charges up fast in just one hour and can last for great ten days.

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Top Best Pet Trackers To Buy In 2019 3

As the name implies, this pet tracker is solely designed for the benefits of your pet. This is a sort of Fitbit for your pet and is considered to be one of the best pet trackers in 2019. PitPatPet is one of the gadgets that boasts a year-long battery life to keep the entire track of your pet’s movements round-the-clock. In addition to ensuring the top-notch security of your pet, this smart pet tracker can also assure the health condition of the pooch. It ensures whether that naughty little being is getting enough exercise or not.

The best feature of this gadget is that it will keep you informed about the changing behavior of your pet and whether they are happy or not. You can download the PitPatPet pet tracker app on both the Android as well as iOS versions.

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TabCat by Loc8tor

Top Best Pet Trackers To Buy In 2019 4

This unique smart gadget for pet tracking has been developed and designed by Loc8tor that is one of the leading names in offering amazing GPS products & services. TabCat is the wearable gadget that is designed to be clipped to the cat’s collar. This pet tracker helps you find them in case they get lost. Instead of connecting to the smartphone, the TabCat gadget connects to an RF receiver that comes with it. This device would display the nearby signal on the LED strips that would result in the beeping of the sensor which would guide to your cat.

The gadget is small enough to fit your cat’s collar easily. In addition to this, there is no need to pay for the data subscription. It also catches up signals quite far away from your cat.

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Tractive Pet tracker

Top Best Pet Trackers To Buy In 2019 5

This attractive pet tracker comes in a myriad of colorful options. The pet tracking device by Kyon is waterproof and can help you in tracking your lost pet with ease. There is the presence of advanced GPS features and 3G radios as well. In addition to pet tracking, the water sensor in this gadget can determine if your little pet is in any danger of drowning. Moreover, there is also a heat sensor that transmits alerts to your smartphone in case you have left your pet in the car.

The altimeter and accelerometer are used for giving you warnings in case your pet has been sedated or is in some serious health problems. If you need to calm down your pet, then you can make use of the ultrasonic buzzer that acts as an effective pacifier. Several notifications relating to your pet’s health like vaccination dates and appointments are sent to your smartphone and are also shown as LED displays on the gadget. The battery life is also good that can last for 30-long days. With so many exciting features, Tractive pet tracker can be considered as one of the best pet trackers in 2019.

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Garmin Delta Smart

Top Best Pet Trackers To Buy In 2019 6

As most of the pet tracking gadget come with excellent tracking capabilities, the Garmin Delta Smart pet tracker also offers some training sessions to your pet. So, if you happen to be the owner of some stubborn or naughty pet, then you can have this gadget for several reasons. Garmin is supposed to be the best training device available in the market. The owners can use vibrations, tones, and some forms of stimulations to control the behavior of their pets.

The users can also observe the data with time to know which aspect of the pet training is effective in controlling the behavior of the pet.

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Top Best Pet Trackers To Buy In 2019 7

This smart device makes use of an accelerometer instead of the GPS technology for tracking your pet. This relieves you from the constant subscription services that you need to take care of with the GP technology. With Fitbark pet tracker, you can also input the weight and breed of the pet to be set as targets. You can also set the “bark points” or certain activities to achieve daily fitness goals for your pet.

Another great feature offered by this useful pet tracker is that you can keep a track on the pet’s activity when you are not around, while it is playing, resting or doing something prohibited.

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The Paw Tracker

Top Best Pet Trackers To Buy In 2019 8

This is probably the most feasible and one of the best pet trackers in 2019. This smart gadget makes use of the GPS satellite for determining the exact location of your lost pet. You can, at all time, be connected to your pet with the help of this effective pet tracker. The Paw Tracker has been designed and developed by a USA-based company. You can also get additional benefits of the excellent customer care support unit of this tracker company in case of any issues.

The overall cute design with as many as three options of color makes this gadget a super-buy product for your lovely pet. The app for this pet tracker can be downloaded on both Android as well as iOS smartphones. To top it all, this smart gadget is highly notable for its lightweight properties that make it highly portable by the pets. The device comes with an activated SIM card. Therefore, you have to face no hassles to start using this smart technology.

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GIBI Pet Locator

Top Best Pet Trackers To Buy In 2019 9

This specialized pet tracker is known for its waterproof, tough, and lightweight properties. This is a highly technical GPS device that can help the pet owners in finding their lost pets with much ease. The GIBI pet locator comes as a stylish device version that is an online-based app. Therefore, you can make use of both your smartphones as well as the laptops to track down the activities of your beloved pet.

With the help of the browser-based app of GIBI, you can also create safe zones for your pet. In case, your pet leaves the safe zone, you are alerted of the same through texts or emails. You can also check for the real-time updates of the activities of your pet, obtain exact location information, and set directions with the help of the one-click button of the GIBI pet locator. This pet tracker is smartly designed to fit any pet collar and can thus be a great option for you to buy in 2019.

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There is no denying the fact that once you have a pet at home, it becomes the center of the universe for you. In such a scenario, the sudden missing of your pet can be a disastrous event. However, with the help of some of the best pet trackers in 2019, you can be assured of the safety of your pet at all times. Buy one now!

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