Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, especially among the youngsters. While Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have a wide market of satisfied customers other companies such as Atari, Sega along with a few others have been trying to do something big in the gaming console market too. If you are planning to buy a gaming console this year then we are here to help you out in picking one. Here is a list of top best gaming consoles 2018.

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List of Top Best Gaming Consoles 2018

8Xbox One X Deluxe 5 Game Bundle

You get 4K HDR gaming experience with the Xbox One X. The games look stunning when played and the HDR support of the console brings out every little detail in the game. The console offers 6 teraflops of graphical processing power and 4K Blu-ray player for an immersive gaming. This bundle includes a 1TB console, a controller, and 5 games – Just Dance 2016, Call of Duty WWII, FIFA 17, Just Dance 2018 and NFL 17. It promises 40% more power compared to the other gaming consoles.

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7Nintendo Switch

You are no longer bound to playing games just at your home. The Switch is portable and can be carried around; all you need to do is list the Switch from its dock and use it in handheld mode. To share the screen with your friends just flip the stand and share your Joy-Con for a multi-player game. You can have 8 Nintendo Switch systems for a face-to-face multiplayer. You have a vast library of games and the best part is you can even change your regions through settings and play games which you were unable to access earlier. The design is super-cool and has the looks of a tablet. You can use the dock to put your Switch in and play the game on a bigger screen.

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6PlayStation 4Pro 1TB Console

The Sony PlayStation 4Pro is one of the most powerful gaming consoles that you can lay your hands on. The console is one of the best when it comes to graphical performance. The graphics are spectacular and enhanced gameplay supports faster frame rates delivering crisp and sharp action. It is compatible with all PS4 games. You get 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscale for all video content. Its library is vast that can be played in HD. Blu-Ray discs can also be used on it making it multi-media functional. This is one the best gaming consoles to own.

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5HTC Vive – Virtual Reality System

Enjoy realistic movement and action of the games through the HTC Vive. 360 ° controller and headset tracking along with realistic graphics make this gaming console one of best in this list. You can play more than 1500 games. With Vive you can roam around the room instead of sticking to just one position. The feeling that you get while standing on a virtual skyscraper is completely mind-blowing. The Chaperone system featured in the Vive gives you a warning if you are within the boundaries of your play area. There are two motion sensors that keep a track of the motion controllers and the headset to check where you are in 3D space.

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4Nintendo Wii U Console

The Nintendo Wii U has a gamepad controller that comes with a screen. So, you don’t have to leave the screen amidst a gameplay when someone insists on watching the TV. The Wii U console controller and the Wii U GamePad connect wirelessly to the console and TV. The sticks have been built-in the controller thus you have access to buttons on the Wii U GamePad. The interface is simple and easy to use. You can also connect to other players in the Miiverse through the internet and also video chat with friends. You can experience a new game whenever you want all you need to do is visit the eShop of Nintendo and download the game that you want. The Nintendo TVii feature lets you play on the inbuilt screen while the other can watch TV even after being connected to the console.

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3Nintendo New 3DS XL

The best feature of this gaming console is that its 3D is amazing. There is a small camera located on top of the screen that follows your eyes adjusting the image accordingly. So, as long as you are focused on the screen the 3D images are smooth and stable. The processing power of the Nintendo New 3DS XL is quite fast and loads games and application. Along with this, the CPU performance of this console has been enhanced and lets you enjoy fast speed when downloading any software. Games like Super Mario 3D Land and great Mario Kart 7, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon X & Y and Fire Emblem Awakening are some of the games that look superb on this console.

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2PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System

This is a compact gaming console that has a bright screen and you can do so much more than just playing games. There is a built-in microphone so you can enjoy the voice features of the games. You can also use Skype which is built-in this console without the need of a headset. Higher contrast feature of the screen lets you play games outdoors also. The device has been created to take care of all types of apps and other media entertainment such as music, videos, communication, networking etc. You can enjoy 3D games in high quality and full motion. The PSP can easily be connected to the TV so you can play games on a bigger screen. The UMD (Universal Media Disc ) which can hold data up to 1.8 GB. Its vast library has several games of different genre. You also have the option to watch movies on the PSP. All you need to do is make a purchase on the UMB or just transfer them through a Memory Stick Duo so it can play on the PSP. The TiVo-To-Go service along with Memory Stick Duo also lets you watch recorded television serials or shows.

You can also access the internet from any hotspot as the PSP comes with a built-in Wi-Fi. This lets you browse the internet and download content for your device. You can use this exclusive device as an audio player as it can play MP3, MP4, WAV, ATRAC3+ and WMA files thanks to the Memory Stick Duo. With features as such, this is one of the best gaming consoles to buy.

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1Occulus Rift

The last and the coolest in the list of top best gaming consoles 2018 is the Occulus Rift. The Rift happens to be the first VR headset to grab the limelight and reveal the actual power of VR. The design of the headset is amazing. Its construction is classy and sturdy while also being comfortable and adaptive. The Occulus touch controllers are a joy to play with. The virtual feeling that you get while holding them is completely different – you feel as if they were your hands.

The interaction is amazing. The low-latency tracking system builds a sensation which makes you feel that you are actually present in the game. As you begin your gameplay, the colors that you experience are beautiful – they are bright and the images are crisp and sharp. These realistic images are what make you believe that you are actually present and so if there is a jet that you are flying you actually feel you are sitting behind those controls. Some of the games that Occulus Rift promises you will never regret playing are – Lone Echo, Superhot, Robo Real, Wilson’s Heart, The Mage’s Tale, The Unspoken and The Climb.

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This is the list of top best gaming consoles 2018. They are packed with features and worth every penny you spend on them.

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