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Top Best Gaming Consoles to buy in 2021

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Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, especially among youngsters. While Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have a wide market of satisfied customers other companies such as Atari, Sega along with a few others have been trying to do something big in the gaming console market too. If you are planning to buy a gaming console this year then we are here to help you out in picking one. Here is a list of top best gaming consoles.

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Top Best Gaming Consoles 

Best Gaming Consoles for Exclusives

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB Marvel’s Spider-Man Bundle

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Marvel’s Spider-Man Bundle

Sony has won the console generation this decade hands down, not because Microsoft’s Xbox One was a bad console, but because of the number of exclusives and clearer marketing messages. Some of the announcements, like an ‘always online’ requirement and lack of exclusives, affected Microsoft even though they did well in other areas.

On the PlayStation 4 slim console, you can get some amazing exclusives, like God of War and Spider-Man. Both these games are newly released and this particular bundle was one of the hottest selling consoles during the Black Friday deals. Major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon sold the console for just $200 along with a new game that made is extremely popular.

While you may or may not find this deal throughout the year, it is still a worthy addition. The console has 1TB of storage allowing you to keep all your AAA titles installed and ready to go. If you are on the fence about buying a console and the pricing of the PS4 Pro intimidates you a bit, the Spider-Man PS4 Slim bundle is the best you could get. It’s excellent in terms of hardware, pricing and exclusive collection. You can easily play on it for at least 2-3 years before you might need to upgrade to a PS5 when it gets launched.

What are the Most Prominent Reasons to Pick up the PS4 Slim 1TB Spider-Man Bundle?

  • The bundle includes the Spider-Man game which is a PS4 exclusive and offers exciting open world gameplay
  • The game bundle is cheaper now, easy to purchase and also an easier pick for people who don’t want to spend too much on a 4K console

Recommended For:

  • Gamers and casual gamers who are a great fan of games like The Last of Us, God of War and Spider-Man can easily pick up the PS4 1 TB Slim

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Best Gaming Console for Multi-Plats and Racing Games

Xbox One S Forza Bundle

Xbox One S Forza Bundle

Microsoft’s Xbox One S console is the newest version of the gaming console which is now much slimmer, available in white and has its power brick mounted on the inside. Compared to the VHS inspired Xbox One console launched back in 2013, the newer edition is more aesthetically appealing and looks great. The console is all white, but the power and the games that work on it remains the same.

The Xbox One S 1TB edition is what you should go for and the Forza bundles are an ideal choice for racing game lovers. The game is available in different editions as the Forza Motorsport 7, the Forza Horizon 3 and the Forza Horizon 4. It gives you immediate access to a world of exotic cars. Besides, it is one of the few consoles that can support 4K HDR Blu-ray playback out of the box which is something the PlayStation 4 slim can’t do.

The company has a couple of exclusives of its own, including the first-person shooter Halo series, Gears of War that you could play in co-op with a friend and couple of racing games in the Forza series. The Xbox One consoles also have some exclusive features like backward compatibility for popular old-school titles, Game Pass service to play over hundreds of games on a rental basis and a controller that seamlessly works with Windows 10 computers.

What are the Reasons to Pick an Xbox One S console?

  • The console is compact, has a nice finish to it and can also act as a 4K Blu-ray player
  • Games like Forza Horizon series, Forza Motorsport, Halo and Gears of War are exclusive to Microsoft’s platform

Recommended For:

  • If you love playing lots of multi-platform games, like racing titles and also wish to play older games through backward compatibility, Xbox One S 1 TB is a no-brainer for the great deals it is available for

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A Nostalgic Trip Back into PS One’s Amazing Classics

PlayStation Classic Console

PlayStation Classic Console

Sony entered the gaming arena when it was exceptionally crowded by behemoths like Nintendo and Atari. However, they grabbed an amazing market share with the PlayStation One or PS One, the original console that made games graphically impressive with its CD-based file sharing system. It was far advanced for its era, back in the 2000s. Sony aims to recreate the magic once again and they took their inspiration from the NES Classic which is evident in the design, as well as the collection of games available.

The PlayStation Classic launched with a massive price tag of $99 in 2019 but has already been discounted within weeks of its launch due to limited sales. Retailers opined the pricing is too high for a retro console and you can now buy it for a much cheaper price from one of the popular online or offline stores. The console has a full-sized controller and a smaller PlayStation One console.

It comes with a select list of 20 games available out of the box. People who are technically savvy can give it a shot by using custom ROMs of popular PlayStation classics and play them using the original PS One controller. The controller didn’t even have an analog stick back in those days, but it is still fun to see how graphics and gameplay have evolved through the years to what gamers enjoy in this mobile gaming world. Some of the popular titles available include Ridge Racer Type 4 and Tekken 3.

What are Some Great Reasons to Pick the PlayStation Classic Console?

  • The pricing is now more affordable
  • It is a nostalgic trip down memory lane when you play games like Final Fantasy VII, Wild Arms and Tekken 3 from a bygone era of groundbreaking titles

Recommended For:

  • Sony PS One gamers who enjoyed these titles back in their young days would definitely love owning this console which is purely for retro gaming and as it is much cheaper, it should be an easy buy

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Best Gaming Console for the 80’s Kids

Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console

Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console

Nintendo is the biggest gaming console manufacturer from the past and the company has been in the industry even before Sony and Microsoft made their foray with PlayStation and Xbox. The NES Classic Mini is a highly nostalgic console for kids who come from the ’80s. It was the decade when some of the most iconic video game characters came to life and Nintendo churned out multiple consoles within the decades leading to them becoming the industry leaders until Sony stepped in.

The NES Classic is a compact and a dedicated recreation of the original. The console fits in the palm of your hand, follows the same white and grey design found in the original and has a bunch of old games bundled into it. The NES Controller is exactly the same as the original with an amazing choice of red, white and grey. While the console is compact in size, the controller is regular sized so that you can play the game without any difficulty.

A fun fact is that a massive collection of 30 retro games are included in the console and these 8-bit games are highly nostalgic. The list includes titles like Dr. Mario and Pac-Man. Besides, the console even comes with different display modes so that you could make your LED TV look like old CRT televisions, change its aspect ratio it 4:3 and also choose for a Pixel Perfect mode for great gaming. Nintendo has also made the controller compatible with Wii and Wii U games for NES virtual console games.

What are Some Important Reasons to Buy a Nintendo NES Classic?

  • It comes bundled with an excellent collection of 30 different retro games including Mario and Pac-Man
  • The console looks nostalgic, has an excellent design and supports two-player gaming so that you can enjoy it with a friend or sibling

Recommended For:

  • Any 80’s kid, who grew up with Mario and other old titles, should definitely grab the NES Classic as it is one of the best retro consoles in recent times

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Best Gaming Consoles in Affordable Virtual Reality

Oculus Go 32 GB / 64 GB

Oculus Go

The world has changed in the past decade and within the next few years, you might hardly be able to say no to virtual reality. The VR technology has boomed big on a whole new way than anyone expected because of Oculus and Facebook that purchased this small company to boost it further. The Oculus Go is a revolutionary product in many ways as it can not only game with moderate mobile-like graphics but can also be used to watch movies, sports on a big screen theatre.

The Oculus Go is an excellent gaming device that most are still not aware of. Once you start playing immersive VR games like Table Tennis, Fish Hunting and Zombie or Space Shooters, you will seldom feel like coming back to your current generation consoles that still play only on television. The best part about this VR headset is that it is completely wireless and you can play anywhere in your home.

Go is pretty cheap at just $200 and if you are a hardcore gamer, you can opt for the 64 GB of the headset for more space to store all your games. A large collection of games are already available for this Oculus backed device and you can purchase them in the store as you would do for Xbox or PlayStation. The games range from casual ones like Table Tennis to titles like Daedalus, Wands VR and Covert VR. It is expected to receive more such titles in the near future but the device supports only 3 DoF, which means you can’t move your body in the virtual world.

What Makes Oculus Go an Amazing Entry Level VR?

  • Oculus Go is completely wireless and easy to use, besides having an affordable price tag
  • The games are not going to beat any PC titles but they are fun, addictive and are highly immersive

Recommended For:

  • People who are curious about VR, gaming and multimedia consumption in huge fantasy worlds should definitely get an OGO

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Best VR Gaming Consoles that Works with PS4

PlayStation VR Headset + Camera Bundle

PlayStation VR Headset

The PS VR headset is a virtual reality gaming peripheral which you have to buy separately and only works with the PlayStation 4 console. The headset is wired and works great with a large collection of games. Unlike Microsoft which was focused on motion gaming with Kinect and Xbox One console, Sony took a giant leap into the world of VR gaming and they have definitely succeeded to a good extent.

Everything about the PS VR is amazing except for the pricing fact that you have to spend the same sum as buying a PS4 console in order to gain this experience. One of the biggest advantages of this headset is that the company has been supporting it big time with new title releases from time to time. You will have at least a dozen titles to buy as soon as you get the headset and experience shooters, racing games among many others. The setup, however, might take some time to get it running.

The PS VR is lightweight and doesn’t exert any pressure on the head. Many gamers and professional reviewers have confirmed that it is easy to wear for long hours. Once you start gaming, you might end up wearing it for two hours or even more to keep playing without breaks. The titles are all of the amazing quality powered by the PS4 hardware and are expected to look even better when you use the PS4 Pro console which has updated 4K capable specifications. It tracks the movements using the eye camera and is fully compatible with the Dual-shock controller.

What are the Reasons to go for a PS VR Headset?

  • If you already own a PlayStation 4 or the PS4 Pro console, this one is a must-have accessory to go with
  • The collection of games is fantastic with titles like Skyrim VR and Doom VFR that adds up to the value offered by the product

Recommended For:

  • PlayStation 4 owners and VR enthusiasts who like to experience it without spending thousands of dollars on an Oculus Rift and gaming PC

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Best Gaming Consoles with a Portable Design

Sony PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi Model

Sony PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi Model

The Sony PS Vita was supposed to be an excellent handheld gaming console with lots of amazing games and a great display. The company didn’t focus much on the product because it was launched with an expensive price tag and an even more expensive memory card that you should buy to store your digital games. All of these combined together made it less popular; nevertheless, it is an amazing handheld with a huge collection of RPGs, racing, fighting and indie games.

Besides, Sony also launched a whole collection of retro PS One games on PS Vita along with a massive library of PSP handheld games. PSP was one of the runaway success for the company and it had a huge library of games which has been ported so that they work flawlessly on the new, more powerful console. The original edition launched with an OLED display which looks great but has less battery life.

At present, you will most probably be able to buy only the LCD version of the console. The games are all available both on SD cards and also on the digital PSN. However, you might have to spend close to $50 or even more to buy the SD card and make use of it. An alternative solution would be to buy the SD card in the used market which makes it much cheaper and a lot of people actively sell their console cards which makes it more affordable.

What are the Best Benefits of Buying the PS Vita console?

  • The handheld console was exceptionally powerful for its era and it is much better than the Nintendo Switch when it comes to portability
  • A huge selection of games is already available for the device including classic PS One and PSP game titles in the digital store

Recommended For:

  • People who often play on the go, and are great fans of RPG titles would love the PS Vita which also has a collection of fighting games, racing and exclusives like Uncharted, God of War collection

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Best Gaming Consoles That Makes You Move

Nintendo Wii Black with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort

Nintendo Wii Black with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort


Nintendo made a groundbreaking innovation back in the days when they launched the Wii console. Instead of conventional controllers that make you sit in the same spot and game, it encouraged people to actually stand and move around. Equipped with a motion-sensing camera and Wii controllers, it changed gaming forever so that you can actually smash in tennis, aim in a game of snooker and glide as you would do in real life when playing winter sports games.

The Wii is however quite expensive right now, but you can always buy a second-hand version of the console if you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a new product. Either way, the value and the type of gaming Nintendo Wii offers is simply unmatched and it was the original console that inspired the Wii U. The newly launched Nintendo Switch is more of a portable machine whereas the Wii focuses on motion based games. It was also one of the successful consoles of the generation that led to lots of new games getting launched in it. You can buy them all for cheap prices these days.

The bundle includes a remote plus controller, a jacket and the Nunchuk. It also includes a copy of the Wii sports and the Wii Sports Resort games. The Nintendo Wii was originally launched in the white version but the black version came out later. It looks more advanced than the original edition even though the hardware and the collection of games are exactly the same. If you choose to buy the Wii, make sure to get all the Nintendo exclusive games including Mario Kart, Super Mario series, Zelda games and the like to make the most out of it. You will most probably have to opt for physical games as the Nintendo store now focuses more on newer titles and an older console like Wii may not have all titles available for purchase.

What Are the Reasons to Buy a Nintendo Wii?

  • An excellent choice for fitness lovers who like to game but keep moving so that they could burn some calories while having fun
  • The console is available for cheap in most stores and with some online retailers with a large collection of games readily available

Recommended For:

  • Gamers and fitness freaks could opt for the Nintendo Wii to enjoy gaming in a whole new way where you can interact with the virtual world using the motion sensing remote controller

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Other gaming consoles worth buying

Xbox One X Deluxe 5 Game Bundle

Gaming Consoles

You get 4K HDR gaming experience with the Xbox One X. The games look stunning when played and the HDR support of the console brings out every little detail in the game. The console offers 6 teraflops of graphical processing power and 4K Blu-ray player for immersive gaming. This bundle includes a 1TB console, a controller, and 5 games – Just Dance 2016, Call of Duty WWII, FIFA 17, Just Dance 2019 and NFL 17. It promises 40% more power compared to the other gaming consoles.

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Nintendo Switch

Gaming Consoles

You are no longer bound to playing games just at your home. The Switch is portable and can be carried around; all you need to do is list the Switch from its dock and use it in handheld mode. To share the screen with your friends just flip the stand and share your Joy-Con for a multi-player game. You can have 8 Nintendo Switch systems for a face-to-face multiplayer. You have a vast library of games and the best part is you can even change your regions through settings and play games which you were unable to access earlier. The design is super-cool and has the looks of a tablet. You can use the dock to put your Switch in and play the game on a bigger screen.

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PlayStation 4Pro 1TB Console

Gaming Consoles

The Sony PlayStation 4Pro is one of the most powerful gaming consoles that you can lay your hands on. The console is one of the best when it comes to graphical performance. The graphics are spectacular and enhanced gameplay supports faster frame rates delivering crisp and sharp action. It is compatible with all PS4 games. You get 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscale for all video content. Its library is vast that can be played in HD. Blu-Ray discs can also be used on it making it multi-media functional. This is one the best gaming consoles to own.

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HTC Vive – Virtual Reality System

Gaming Consoles

Enjoy realistic movement and action of the games through the HTC Vive. 360 ° controller and headset tracking along with realistic graphics make this gaming console one of best in this list. You can play more than 1500 games. With Vive you can roam around the room instead of sticking to just one position. The feeling that you get while standing on a virtual skyscraper is completely mind-blowing. The Chaperone system featured in the Vive gives you a warning if you are within the boundaries of your play area. There are two motion sensors that keep a track of the motion controllers and the headset to check where you are in 3D space.

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Nintendo Wii U Console

Gaming Consoles

The Nintendo Wii U has a gamepad controller that comes with a screen. So, you don’t have to leave the screen amidst gameplay when someone insists on watching the TV. The Wii U console controller and the Wii U GamePad connect wirelessly to the console and TV. The sticks have been built-in the controller thus you have access to buttons on the Wii U GamePad. The interface is simple and easy to use. You can also connect to other players in the Miiverse through the internet and also video chat with friends. You can experience a new game whenever you want all you need to do is visit the eShop of Nintendo and download the game that you want. The Nintendo TVii feature lets you play on the inbuilt screen while the other can watch TV even after being connected to the console.

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Nintendo New 3DS XL

Gaming Consoles

The best feature of this gaming console is that its 3D is amazing. There is a small camera located on top of the screen that follows your eyes adjusting the image accordingly. So, as long as you are focused on the screen the 3D images are smooth and stable. The processing power of the Nintendo New 3DS XL is quite fast and loads games and application. Along with this, the CPU performance of this console has been enhanced and lets you enjoy fast speed when downloading any software. Games like Super Mario 3D Land and great Mario Kart 7, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon X & Y and Fire Emblem Awakening are some of the games that look superb on this console.

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PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System

Gaming Consoles

This is a compact gaming console that has a bright screen and you can do so much more than just playing games. There is a built-in microphone so you can enjoy the voice features of the games. You can also use Skype which is built-in this console without the need of a headset. Higher contrast feature of the screen lets you play games outdoors also. The device has been created to take care of all types of apps and other media entertainment such as music, videos, communication, networking etc. You can enjoy 3D games in high quality and full motion. The PSP can easily be connected to the TV so you can play games on a bigger screen. The UMD (Universal Media Disc ) which can hold data up to 1.8 GB. Its vast library has several games of different genre. You also have the option to watch movies on the PSP. All you need to do is make a purchase on the UMB or just transfer them through a Memory Stick Duo so it can play on the PSP. The TiVo-To-Go service along with Memory Stick Duo also lets you watch recorded television serials or shows.

You can also access the internet from any hotspot as the PSP comes with a built-in Wi-Fi. This lets you browse the internet and download content for your device. You can use this exclusive device as an audio player as it can play MP3, MP4, WAV, ATRAC3+ and WMA files thanks to the Memory Stick Duo. With features as such, this is one of the best gaming consoles to buy.

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Oculus Rift

Gaming Consoles

The last and the coolest in the list of top best gaming consoles 2019 is the Oculus Rift. The Rift happens to be the first VR headset to grab the limelight and reveal the actual power of VR. The design of the headset is amazing. Its construction is classy and sturdy while also being comfortable and adaptive. The Oculus touch controllers are a joy to play with. The virtual feeling that you get while holding them is completely different – you feel as if they were your hands.

The interaction is amazing. The low-latency tracking system builds a sensation which makes you feel that you are actually present in the game. As you begin your gameplay, the colors that you experience are beautiful – they are bright and the images are crisp and sharp. These realistic images are what make you believe that you are actually present and so if there is a jet that you are flying you actually feel you are sitting behind those controls. Some of the games that Oculus Rift promises you will never regret playing are – Lone Echo, Superhot, Robo Real, Wilson’s Heart, The Mage’s Tale, The Unspoken and The Climb.

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When it comes to gaming consoles, it’s always about exclusives and the purpose they solve. The Nintendo Switch is the best gaming consoles that is highly portable and also works on television. If you want to play a collection of amazing, single player exclusives, you should go for the PlayStation 4 slim or the PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X is a great pick for people who love 4K gaming and are great fans of third-party titles like Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Just Cause series.

Apart from all these, if you are more of a technology nerd you can consider setting up your own gaming PC which requires some planning, a bigger budget but it will also last much longer. You can opt for an all-in-one console that works out of the box and when you get familiar with game titles, you can move to more powerful and expensive 4K gaming consoles or a gaming PC as you would prefer.

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