A good DVD player lets you enjoy movies and music like never before. With the number of options that are available, it may get unclear to which is the best one for your home. Keeping this in mind we have compiled the list of top best DVD players 2018.

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List of Top Best DVD Players 2018

11Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player

This DVD from Sony upscales pictures so the standard definition pictures look high definition. You can play the DVD in a loop and set it on a continuous mode and it continues to play till you turn it off. The ultra slim design gives it a chic look and makes it perfect for your home. It has been certified by Energy Star – thus it is energy efficient. Along with this, you also get a multi-band remote. It supports MPEG1 and JPEG files and the manufacturer offers a 90-day labor warranty and 12 months for the parts.

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10Sony BDPS3700 Streaming

Sony has been known to manufacture excellent electronics and this is one of the best DVD players on this list. You can stream over 300 entertainment services and Blu-Ray movies on this device. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows and music from Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Hulu Plus and others. In addition, you will get Wi-Fi on this device which is a module compatible with MIMO so you get stable and fast internet service. The Miracast screen monitoring features let you mirror the screen of all types of Android devices. The Dolby TrueHD lets you enjoy clear audio for both movies and music.

It offers superior music quality for all the downloaded content. The Quick Start Mode loads the player instantly so you don’t have to wait too long. You can also use your smartphone both Android and iOS to control the Blu-Ray player with the SideView app. There is space for a USB connection too so you can just connect your USB stick in the slot located in the front and enjoy music and videos.

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9Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player

You can enjoy Blu-Ray CDs, discs, and DVDs with this Samsung player. It features an HDMI connection which lets you transmit HD audio and video through a single cable. This helps in optimizing the quality of the image when you connect your TV to HD sources such as satellite receiver, HD cable TV etc. You get Wi-Fi also along with this player and there are no wires or additional cables that you require to connect to the Wi-Fi of your home. The AllShare Play Content Sharing lets you access and stream video and audio content from a PC or smartphone which is compatible with the device. You can share pictures, movies or music using just one device. The Samsung BD Wise technology featured in this player will optimize the picture quality if you have a Samsung TV paired with it.

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8DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player

Enjoy your DVD player along with a screen. It is portable and comes with a 2500 mAh lithium battery which offers 5 hours of running time. You can charge it with a car charger, AC power adapter, etc. The break-point memory function will pick up from where you stopped the last time. Use an SD card or a USB to play directly. It supports most audio, video and image formats. There are many disc formats that are supported so you have a variety to see. If there are two people who wish to see the same thing then two DVD players can be connected using an AV to AV cable to play the same movie at the same time. You can also connect the DVD player to a TV. This is one of the best DVD players that you can buy for your home.

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7COOAU 11.5’’ Portable DVD Player

This is a high-resolution compact DVD player which lets you enjoy your favorite music and videos while you are on the go or enjoying a movie whilst you have a cup of coffee in your garden. It features the eye protection LCD screen so your eyes are safe. The battery of the device is super powerful and offers 5 hours of playback once it is charged completely. You get a charger for your battery so you never have to run out of power. The screen of the DVD player rotates 270 ° and flips over 180°. This makes it perfect to be used in the car or anywhere at home. You can be seated in a different position yet enjoy the screen of this DVD player. You also get a remote control. The DVD player from COOAU is perfect not only while you are at home but for times when you are traveling.

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6Craig Compact DVD

This DVD features progressive scan which betters the quality of pictures that you see through it. It is light and compact and easy to move when required. The AC cord is quite long and the remote makes things easy for you to operate. The buttons are placed well on the remote so you don’t have difficulty in operating it. You can also connect a small monitor to it while traveling so you or your kids can watch movies while you go out for road-trips.  This is one of the best-budgeted DVD players on this list.

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5Impecca DVHP9117 Progressive Scan Compact HDMI DVD Player

This is another great DVD player to have especially for your home theatre. Its compact design and makes it perfect to be placed anywhere in your house. Different features offered by this DVD player add value to your home’s entertainment system. The multi-angle feature lets to select the viewing angles of a particular scene which is compatible with NTSC and PAL DVDs. The front panel of the player has large controls so you don’t have to strain your eyes while using them. There is a slot for a USB input so you can directly plug in your USB and play the media files through it. This DVD player from Impecca makes movies and video look great and audio sound perfect. The remote control is fully functional. It is compatible with CDs, CD-Rs, and MP3 and besides DVD it can also play CDs of 8 and 12 cm.

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4Philips All Multi Region Code Zone Free DVD Player

This DVD player from Philips may look simple but has the best feature in this list of DVD players. It can play DVDs from any country. Besides it is 12-bit/108MHz that processes videos so they look sharp and crisp. The player is compact to store and easy to operate. The remote has all buttons placed neatly for an easy operation. Now you can travel abroad and return back with DVDs that you like and play them with this unique DVD player from Philips.

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3LG Region Free DVD Player

The LG DP 132 DVD player lets you enjoy videos and audio files from across the world. It is a multi-playback player so you can listen to an audio through CD or MP3, watch a JPEG or DVD and the USB Plus lets you playback DivX, JPEG, and MP3 files stored on the USB memory stick. You can easily extract the audio tracks from your CD to the USB and create a collection of your favorite MP3s. You can also take out audio tracks from CDs and then transfer them to a USB device. All you need to do is insert a CD and create your collection of music.

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2SONYMulti System All Region Free Blu-Ray Disc DVD Player

This Sony DVD player plays DVDs from any region. You can enjoy photos, music, and video through a USB. You can insert any Pen Drive in this player and play its content through it. There is one system that lets you play PlayStation 3 games without any console. You can play 3D content and even use 3D glasses as you watch your movies or videos in 3D. It features 4K video upscaling which can be used with Ultra HD TVs – photo, music, and video to get better picture quality and clear sound. The IP content noise reduction pro refines the quality of sound and plays loud music clearly. You also get Wi-Fi with MIMO so you can easily connect it to your home Wi-Fi or a hotspot without any wires.

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1Pyle 15″ Portable DVD Player

This portable and lightweight DVD player from Pyle and is perfect for watching videos while traveling. There is a 15-inch screen attached to this which rotates 270 ° and folds so you can fit it at the back of your car seat. There are slots for USB memory stick and SD memory card which can be inserted and played directly. The videos played through this are HD and the pictures are crisp while the sound is crystal clear. It also supports multi-language. You get a car-powered AC adapter which can be included in the road trip. The display is large and you can enjoy videos without straining. The anti-shock playback helps in avoiding skips. Also included in the package is a remote which gives you the comfort of operating the DVD player.

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You can utilize this list of top best DVD players 2018 to buy the DVD player that will be perfect for your home.

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