In the last few years, many great smartphones hit the markets. In 2015, various manufacturers introduced their new smartphones, some came up with the extensions of the older models and some came up with new smartphones and that trend continues. If you think it’s time to buy a new smartphone, take a look at the list of top smartphones launched in 2018 and maybe, you will find the one that’s perfect for you. You will find the smartphones introduced in 2015 as well – keep in mind that all those devices are still great buys, as their prices are lower because new models are launched.

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List of top smartphones

40Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Samsung S7 Edge is a sophisticated, chic and an extremely wanted piece of technology. The battery cannot be removed but it lasts longer. The camera is impressive and the big screen is a definitely stand out feature in the phone. Priced at $780 you cannot think of a better smartphone.

38Samsung Galaxy S7

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Samsung definitely knows what its fans want. The Samsung S7 comes with the upgraded the photography gear and the core hardware of the phone. Galaxy S7 is priced at $670.

36Samsung Galaxy S6

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Gorgeous screen and wireless fast charging are some of its intriguing features. The combination of high spec of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Alpha presented some new and interesting features in this Samsung Galaxy S6. It runs on Android Lollipop operating system and is equipped with 64-bit CPU. All metal chassis framework has made this the better looking phone yet in the Samsung Market. Overlapping display is the other feature of this new flagship that has createed enough excitement. Samsung Galaxy S6 is priced at $649 for the base model, although we would want the prices to go down a bit.

34Google Nexus 6P

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Nexus phones are exceptional in features. Built on Android Marshmallow, the phone has front firing speakers, wonderful cameras, good performance and fast charging. It is much cheaper than other competing smartphones and with features so good Nexus 6P is worth buying. It is priced at $499.

32iPhone 6s Plus

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Apple has undoubtedly made an outstanding phone. It has a much larger screen than its predecessor iPhone 6 and you will definitely be amazed by 3D touch and other great features this beautiful phone has. A must buy iPhone 6s Plus is priced at $750 for a 16 GB model.

30LG G5

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The modular design of the phone seems to be attractive and the phone also has many unique features. The latest model from LG, G5 has made it to the top smartphones. You can buy LG G5 for $629.99.

28Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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We all love the S Pen don’t we? Another of Samsung’s flagship in the list, the amazing camera, lively display and the shiny design, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has it all. We are not sure how long Note 5 is going to be on our list but for now, it seems to be the people’s choice. Amazon has some good offers, and you can buy it for $548.48.

26iPhone 6S

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The first smartphone that shoots Live photos, iPhone 6S is truly one of Apple’s remarkable releases. The 3D touch technology is one of many features this smartphone has, which stands out and indeed makes your browsing and playing games electrifyingly amazing. The 16 GB version is priced at $649.

24iPhone SE

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Apple’s economy phone SE has received wonderful reviews from iPhone users. The upgraded phone has some good features and and it is perfect for those who don’t like large devices. It is one of the most affordable iPhones ever, priced at $399.

22Xiaomi Mi5

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A wonderful phone with a lot of features at an attractive price Xiaomi Mi5 is a chic phone and truly deserves to be on the top list. Its perfomance is just awesome, and it is a gorgeously designed phone.

20Sony Xperia Z5

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Sony’s new flagship has definitely made a lot of improvements; Xperia Z5’s frosted glass rear cover gives it a classy look. The phone is waterproof and has a MicroSD card slot. There is a fingerprint scanner that is a new addition and the camera captures remarkable pictures. Prices start from $414 at Amazon.

18HTC One M9

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It runs on Snapdragon 810 which helps in the performance of your phone, more memory, and few more features have been added to this version making it one of the most wanted smartphones. This new phone has a better audio quality, power backup, memory and display. The display resolution is around 2560 x 1440 pixels. HTC One M9 came with a high-quality camera for top-quality photos and is available for $650.

16Motorola Moto X Style

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If you belong to the group of big screen lovers; Moto X Style from Motorola is a great phone to buy. The cameras, screen, and the features – everything is pretty awesome. For a 64 GB model, the price is impressively low. You can have a look at amazon for best offers, prices start from $348.


14OnePlus 2

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The smartphone runs on powerful hardware, has 4G dual SIM support and a USB type-C. The price is good and the phone looks amazing. OnePlus 2 is surely a device you want to own. For a 64 GB, $349 is pretty enticing.


12Elephone P9000

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The phone runs on Marshmallow, has good speed, has an extraordinary battery life and is packed with many features. A dual SIM slot available, wireless charging and MicroSD support are some more features of the smartphone. Elephone P9000 comes at an impressing low price. It is totally recommended that you buy the smartphone. Comes just for $249.83.

10LG G4

LG G3 was a great success among the customers and this is the reason we expected more from LG G4. The display size is reduced to 5.3 inches to make the handling process easier. Better battery and 20.7 MP cameras are among the most interesting features. We can also enjoy the bendable technology in this version.

8Sony Xperia Z4

A super fast processor and upgraded camera are the best attraction of the Xperia Z4 from Sony. The QHD display and 4K video recording feature have made this phone different from others. There is also refreshment in the hardware design.

6Microsoft Lumia 1020

Lumia 1020 was released in 2013 and since then windows phone lovers were waiting for the next version of Lumia. Finally, Microsoft took over the reins from Nokia and they launched Lumia 1030 in 2015. The great and exciting thing which makes this phone draw everyone’s attention is 50MP camera and this feature forced people to shift to Windows phone.

4Moto X+2

Moto X+2  hit the market by the end of 2015. Active display, competitive pricing and stand out screen are a great addition to some internal improvements and customization options.

2OnePlus Two

OnePlus One was offered with high-end specs and at a reasonable price. Most of us were expecting this same formula to be continued by OnePlus. This version is more appealing as it has arrived with Android 5.0 Lollipop. This phone was released in April 2015.


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